Friday, April 29, 2005

Oh. My. God.


This would be the main reason I can't ever really see myself moving back out to Texas... As much as Bay Area housing prices and the fact that I can't look more than 2 feet with out seeing a building gets to me at times...

Mark Morford writes a hysterical review here:

I'm half in love with Mark Morford btw... even though I'm sure he's married... and I love my boyfriend... He's sarcastic and witty and snarky and humorous and well... I love him.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

In the Beginning...

It all begins with a favorite time waster of mine, perusing (Come on you know you do it too!) So, I'm reading "best of" and laughing hysterically at a post (though silently so my office mates don't bring around the straight jacket) when I come to the end and there is a link... to a blog... What is this, I ask myself, this "blog"?

Fast forward to present day... I must have a blog! Surely the things that happen to me day to day are worthy of posting online for the world to see! It'll be just like keeping a diary... Only public...

Of course the last diary I kept ended up going in the recycling because I had one entry per month and it usually consisted of calories consumed and new resolutions to exercise (picture Bridget Jones without the witty British banter). *sigh*

However, I AM exercising now... Training for a marathon in fact! In San Francisco even! You know San Francisco right? Lots of hills? Yeah that's the one... I plead temporary insanity. So I'm getting TONS of exercise which is good.

And I have been losing weight recently (though not as quickly as I'd like of course), mainly due to the fact that I've discovered I CAN NOT eat the same quantity of food as my 6'7" boyfriend, even if a large BBQ chicken pizza from the Oasis seems like a good idea at the time!

See this "diary" is already starting out much better than the last one...