Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I’ll make no excuses for the blog silence other than this… I find it hard to write here when I’m feeling conflicted because I can’t share too many details. It’s just not who I am. My personal life is private and too many of my real life friends read this for me to really unburden here. And if I’ve learned anything from reading Dooce it’s that you should NEVER EVER discuss work turmoil online.

Let me just sum it up like this. The following things brought me to tears yesterday (in no particular order):

- A song on the radio about being a housewife
- A blog post about someone getting (what I would assume is) her dream job
- An OnStar commercial on the radio
- Telling TheBoy how stupid it was for me to cry at an OnStar commercial!
- An e-mail from an old co-worker detailing how much fun she’s having now that she quit her job here and is doing this

Please send wine.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Cabo Pics!

Before we went to dinner at Edith's, we went to this fabulous little place to have a sunset cocktail. This place was totally unassuming from the outside and under construction (as all of Cabo appears to be) but Lord the view!

Here's Chris and Chrsitie again... Aren't they cute?

Me and TheBoy... I suppose we're not too bad ourselves. :)

Here's the whole gang after the sun had set and right before we left for dinner. We met the nicest people there, two couples, from Texas who took this picture of us all. Y'all! Now they weren't from anywhere near Cibolo (or San Antonio for that matter) BUT they were from near where Rhonda grew up/has family! Did I mention Rhonda's a Texas girl? Y'all KNOW I love her right? Small world huh?

More pics from dinner... Here's Connie, being flirted with by our waiter.

Me and That Boy again... and Dawn and Rhonda...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cabo Pictures!

You can thank TheBoy's dad for these because I still can't find my stupid cable... But here are a few to tide you over!

I think I mentioned that the hotel upgraded us to these fabulous suites that were maybe, not quite finished? One of the things that wasn't completed when we checked in that first night was there was NO WATER IN THE HOT TUBS! Luckily we'd had enough tequila that we didn't mind!

Here we are, slightly hung over and VERY HOT, the next morning at Margaritavilla. Not to be confused with the infinately more popular (and cleaner) place by a similar name which is owned by Jimmy Buffet. *ahem*

This restaurant was by far the best meal I ate in Cabo. The restaurant was called Edith's and we (the kids) took Doug and Kate (TheBoy's dad and step-mom) out to dinner to thank them for inviting us all to Cabo and really planning this whole vacation. Or at least that was the plan. Somehow Rhonda got ahold of the check at the end of the night and ended up treating everyone! So we spent the rest of the trip trying to make it up to her...

I had grilled lobster, grilled prawns (which were HUGE!) and a teeny tiny piece of Kobe filet which was to die for. Hmmm... Oh and tortilla soup. I tried the tortilla soup almost everywhere. Is it any wonder I've gained a few pounds!?!? The boy had some gi-normous Mexican platter thing. Also very tasty!

More pictures from dinner... Step-Brother Chris and his much hotter half Christie.

Okay apparently that's all the pictures Blogger will let me upload for the time being... So you'll probably think all we did on this vacation is drink. And you're pretty close to right! I'll try again later to post some more. AND to find my cable to I can post some photos of my own!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Excuses and Lies

I make excuses and avoid having conversations with people because I don’t think I really want to know the truth. It’s easier for me to come up with reasons I think people behave the way they do than face the cold hard truth. Facing the truth is scary. I like to lie to myself. Is that na├»ve?

Because sometimes knowing the truth means making decisions. Decisions I may not be mentally or emotionally prepared to make. So instead of asking, “why don’t you want this?” Or, “what did you mean by that?” I excuse it away in my head blaming a bad childhood or emotional blockage or saying they’re just “that way” and for the most part I convince myself that I’m right.

But in my dreams? At night I’m forced to accept the fact that perhaps it’s not the fact that someone just doesn’t show emotions – perhaps they don’t FEEL the particular emotion I want them to feel. Maybe it’s not that they’re just “that way” it’s just that they’re “that way” with me. It’s not really any of the things I made up in my mind.

What if it’s not his parents divorce?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The point of exhaustion

I know I’ve written far too many posts where in I apologize for not posting but I really do feel bad for leaving you with a shrill political scolding for 10 days and coming back with a half-assed vacation recap so let me explain the last three days…

Sunday: Woke up ridiculously early having passed out early after unpacking from the flight the night before. Went to the Farmer’s Market, went to the grocery store, caught up on e-mail, cleaned up roughly 378 places where the cat vomited, cooked breakfast and made key-lime tartlets – all before 11:00 am. At 11:05 I realized I was supposed to be at Michele’s house in 25 minutes and had not managed to bathe – resigned myself to being late.

Showed up sometime around noon to Michele’s house to deliver the above tartlets and help prepare mini tea sandwiches for Michele’s tea party themed Bridal Shower. (Yay for Bridal Showers!*) General fun and good times ensued until around… 5:00 or so when the party ended and the guests had left. I’m fuzzy on the exact timing – I do recall leaving with more cookies and sweets than I knew what to do with! Also – I won a bingo at bridal bingo! Yay me!

Arrived home Sunday evening anticipating a quiet evening of cooking at home. Instead TheBoy wanted to go out for Mexican food because we failed to have a really good Mexican food dinner while in Cabo. Go figure. Afterwards a friend of ours was bartending at the bar she owns in town so we decided to swing by and hang out with some friends. We managed to be there about 30 minutes before TheBoy said something to hurt my feelings and I wanted to go home. I think we stayed about 30 additional minutes before I managed an escape.

Monday: Woke up very early and was at my desk 15 minutes before my normal time even though it was technically a holiday. Worked my tail off all day wading through e-mails and voicemails and piles of files and paperwork that had accumulated in my absence, finally stumbling out the door a full 10 hours after my arrival with no more than a 10 minute run to Subway as a break.

Ran over to pick up some pants I had left to be altered before leaving town and finally made it home about 7:00 where I thought briefly about going to the gym but decided instead to cook dinner. Michele and Cate called after they got done with their workout at the gym (they are SO much more motivated on this working out thing than I am) and they joined me and a just arriving home TheBoy for a late dinner and a decidedly chick flick, Raise Your Voice. It was cute. Fell into bed exhausted sometime after 11:00 pm.

Tuesday: Woke up at the un-Godly hour of 5:00 am to get ready for work and drop TheBoy off at the surgery center where he was having orthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder. I was at my desk going full steam ahead by 6:45 am. At 9:45 am I got the call that TheBoy was out of surgery and could I please go pick up some medication at Walgreens before I came to pick him up? An hour later I was finally out of Walgreens (!) and on my way to the surgery center.

The rest of my afternoon involved plumping pillows, fetching pain pills, anti-nausea pills, making soup and pouring sprites and water. Poor TheBoy, he could hardly walk or keep his eyes open very long and he looked like he was in so much pain! Also, to add insult to injury, every time he takes one of his pain pills it gives him the worst hiccups! Of course, being the sweet and loving girlfriend that I am, I set my alarm for every 4 hours during the night to wake him up to take his pills. And of course, being the basket case that I am, I couldn’t sleep for fear I’d miss the alarms! *ahem*

Today: I full on got in the car this morning, backed out of the driveway and drove to the end of the street when I realized that I had forgotten something. So I promptly, turned around, pulled back in the drive way and went back up stairs to brush my teeth.

Then, I get to work, turn on my computer, go to the kitchen to fill my water bottle and get a cup of tea, have a complete conversation with not one but TWO co-workers before going to the little girl’s room to wash my hands when I realize… I managed to put on a full face of make-up this morning MINUS mascara. One trip to Walgreens later and I have remedied the situation and now have an “emergency” mascara stash in my desk drawer.

Y’all? There is not coffee enough in the world for this day. But! I am almost caught up in all the blog reading I missed while in Mexico. You guys were busy! And I missed you!

*Also, HolyFreakingHell the wedding is only 9 days away!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Esta Bien

Hello faithful blog readers! Or rather Hola!

I’m back from my vacation to Cabo San Lucas where there was much relaxing at the beach/pool and far too much tequila consumption. A good time was had by all. I’ll try to get some pictures posted in the next few days. I’m waiting on the ones taken by TheBoy’s step-brother’s girlfriend also as she was MUCH better about bringing the camera with us.

Today it’s back to life, back to reality (are those the lyrics to some 80’s pop song?), back to the gym and seriously into detox mode for Tiffy. Here are a few highlights from our trip:

- Doug, Kate, Dawn, Chris and Christi all arrived in Cabo at Terminal 1. TheBoy and I were arriving at Terminal 2 shortly thereafter. Upon their arrival they asked someone there if our flight had landed and were told it had been delayed by 30 – 45 minutes. It had not. So while they were enjoying a cocktail in the airport bar, TheBoy and I were anxiously waiting outside Terminal 2 wondering if we’d been forgotten.

- When we finally make it to the resort we learn there has been some mix up with our reservations (welcome to Mexico) but they are going to upgrade us to 2 ocean view suites complete with private jacuzzi tubs on the balconies. SWEET!

- The downside to our ocean view suites? The wing of the resort they are in is still under construction. And dang it if those Mexican workers aren’t industrious and like to start work in the wee hours of the morning! Calls placed to the front desk before 6:00 am to kindly ask them to stop pounding until a more Godly hour? 3. By our group alone.

- 2 for 1 drinks at the pool bar. Enough said.

- Water taxis are harder to get in and out of than they look. I’m just saying is all.

- We went to a “beach party” on Wednesday night at our hotel that was all you can eat and all you can drink. Standing in line to get in the event staff from the hotel had squeeze bottles full of alcoholic beverages they would randomly squeeze in to your mouths. They liked us a lot. Avoiding eye contact only made it worse. The lead singer in the band was very easy on the eyes.

- TheBoy came in second place in a limbo contest. This is significant because he is 6’7”. He lost to a tee tiny 18 year old who was maybe 5’ tall. I was proud. TheBoy was actually quite the joiner the whole week! He played pool volleyball, sand volleyball, entered a beer chugging contest, did a tequila walk… Everyone in the resort knew him by the end of the week.

- The best dinner by far we had in Cabo was at Edith’s. It was also by far the most expensive dinner we had. But Good Lord Almighty it was tasty! I had grilled lobster tail and jumbo prawns with Kobe filet. TheBoy had a Kobe New York Steak I think and enchiladas. So yummy!

- The cheapest meal we ate was right outside of Cabo Wabo where The Boy and I shared 5 beers and a plate of nachos for $10. SWEET!

- 9 out of 10 people in our group got sick at one point or another. The one lucky soul? TheBoy. But that’s okay because the first night we were there he maybe had a tad too much tequila so he was sick the next morning just not the same type of sick as the rest of us.

- We went through almost two 3 liter bottles of tequila in our room alone. Not counting what we ordered from the bar or while out in town. Also, there was quite a bit of damage done to a case of Tecate and 3 or 4 bottles of champagne were polished off. The other suite had a virtual full bar with Jack Daniels, Vodka, cases and cases of wine plus at least one case of Corona that we saw.

- It was HOT HOT HOT there. And humid! That’s saying a lot coming from this Southern girl. But dang it if I didn’t have cute hair while we were there!

All in all it was an awesome trip but it sure is good to be home!