Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cabo Pictures!

You can thank TheBoy's dad for these because I still can't find my stupid cable... But here are a few to tide you over!

I think I mentioned that the hotel upgraded us to these fabulous suites that were maybe, not quite finished? One of the things that wasn't completed when we checked in that first night was there was NO WATER IN THE HOT TUBS! Luckily we'd had enough tequila that we didn't mind!

Here we are, slightly hung over and VERY HOT, the next morning at Margaritavilla. Not to be confused with the infinately more popular (and cleaner) place by a similar name which is owned by Jimmy Buffet. *ahem*

This restaurant was by far the best meal I ate in Cabo. The restaurant was called Edith's and we (the kids) took Doug and Kate (TheBoy's dad and step-mom) out to dinner to thank them for inviting us all to Cabo and really planning this whole vacation. Or at least that was the plan. Somehow Rhonda got ahold of the check at the end of the night and ended up treating everyone! So we spent the rest of the trip trying to make it up to her...

I had grilled lobster, grilled prawns (which were HUGE!) and a teeny tiny piece of Kobe filet which was to die for. Hmmm... Oh and tortilla soup. I tried the tortilla soup almost everywhere. Is it any wonder I've gained a few pounds!?!? The boy had some gi-normous Mexican platter thing. Also very tasty!

More pictures from dinner... Step-Brother Chris and his much hotter half Christie.

Okay apparently that's all the pictures Blogger will let me upload for the time being... So you'll probably think all we did on this vacation is drink. And you're pretty close to right! I'll try again later to post some more. AND to find my cable to I can post some photos of my own!


Goat said...

I'm sure I could figure out a way to get those pictures off your camera!!! :P

Before I would have said that it 'sounded' like you had a good time, now I can say it 'LOOKS' like you did. Cabo is a fun place, I want to go back!

Liz said...

Looks like you had a great time honey :) We defintely need to plan a girls trip to some where warm with lots of booze.

Tiffany said...

I'm so down for that!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! you all always look like you're having a great time no matter what you're doing. i love that. there's nothing like having a group of wonderful friends.