Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Cabo Pics!

Before we went to dinner at Edith's, we went to this fabulous little place to have a sunset cocktail. This place was totally unassuming from the outside and under construction (as all of Cabo appears to be) but Lord the view!

Here's Chris and Chrsitie again... Aren't they cute?

Me and TheBoy... I suppose we're not too bad ourselves. :)

Here's the whole gang after the sun had set and right before we left for dinner. We met the nicest people there, two couples, from Texas who took this picture of us all. Y'all! Now they weren't from anywhere near Cibolo (or San Antonio for that matter) BUT they were from near where Rhonda grew up/has family! Did I mention Rhonda's a Texas girl? Y'all KNOW I love her right? Small world huh?

More pics from dinner... Here's Connie, being flirted with by our waiter.

Me and That Boy again... and Dawn and Rhonda...

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Michele said...

Does this mean you found the cord?