Friday, July 28, 2006

La La La

My brain has ceased all normal operations. I am so frustrated with my inability to even THINK in coherent sentences that I can not imagine what it must be like to be around me at the moment. Thankfully I leave for vacation soon. Is someone working on my caffeine IV?

I finally got my dress altered for the wedding that is 2 weeks from tomorrow. Well not so much “altered” as “straps shortened” but it’ll do. I think it looks nice. For purple. ;D My friend Michele’s mom did it for me which was awesome since it was also free! Woo hoo! She also had this great idea for steaming out some of the wrinkles on the front… It’s called a dressmaker’s ham. After I stopped looking at her like an alien had popped up on her left shoulder she kindly explained it to me (Curved! Like the dress! Lies flat while ironing!) AND let me borrow it. Such a nice woman.

I really think they should bring back Home Economics in school. Really, that pains the feminist in me to say, but come on here people. I can sew a (crooked) hem in some pants if I absolutely have to and replace buttons. That’s about it. I’ve got the culinary bits down but know people who didn’t even know you could make rice on the stove! Something is seriously lacking in our generation y’all. I’m just saying. Basic skills. That’s all I’m asking for.

There is a shiny new white Mac Powerbook calling my name in the window of the Apple store near my office. Just think of all the blogging I could do from that baby!

Also, I fell in love with the cutest blonde lab puppy this morning. When I woke TheBoy up to announce that I MUST. HAVE. THE. PUPPY! He laughed and promptly went back to sleep. The NERVE y’all! It was love at first sight! Sniff, sniff. You think if I just showed up one day with this itty bitty ball of a puppy he’d be able to stay mad that long? We’d make a pretty darn adorable group, the puppy, the cat and me!

Okay, I’m going to apologize IN ADVANCE for my blog silence. I’m leaving tonight and will be gone for 9 whole days! So looking forward to it. 9 whole days where my toughest decisions will be whether I should go for a run and then go lay out by the pool? Or maybe go for a little rafting trip and then find some shade by the river and read a book? The possibilities are endless!

Miss me!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Something for Carrie

1) My ex is ... Just someone I used to know.

2) Maybe I should ... Stop being lazy and just do the stupid ironing when I do the laundry so it doesn’t take 3 and ½ hours! Work on really paying down my debt. Buy some new running shoes. And a bike.

3) I love ... TheBoy. My girls. TheCat. My mom for understanding me no matter what. Summer days and long summer nights. Beer.

4) I don't understand ... People without filters. Jealousy. Traffic.

5) I lost ... My mind? :) My temper? My car on the street last weekend?

6) People say that I'm ... I don’t know what people say I am. Anyone care to share? Be nice!

I would say I am… independent, sensitive, friendly, athletic, nerdy, shy… A contradiction maybe?

7) People are ... Fascinating. Frustrating.

8) Love is .... A long, intricate, intimate dance. Not for the faint of heart.

9) Somewhere, someone is ... Laughing, crying, waking, sleeping, running, standing still, being born or dying. It’s what is the most beautiful about life.

10) I always ... Match my underthings to my outfits, wear sunscreen on my face, wash my face first in the shower, screen my phone calls (sorry!), hold back what I really want to say for fear of hurting someone or sounding vulnerable.

11) Forever is ... A really, REALLY long time!

12) I never want to ... Regret not doing something when I had the chance.

13) I think the current President is ... Only going to ruin my days for 17 more months or so.

14) When I wake up in the morning I... Hit the snooze button, cuddle with TheCat, mentally plan my day, stretch, start my whole morning routine. That’s a whole post in and of itself.

15) When life gives you lemons... Make a lemon drop!

16) My past ... Made me who I am and for that I can not be sorry. I just wish it would stay more in the past.

17) I get annoyed with ... things I can not control.

18) I wish ... Life would slow down. I could figure out what I want to do. Everyone would just get along.

19) Dogs are..... Family! Running partners, companions, a desire.

20) Tomorrow I am ... Working, having lunch with Angie and driving 4 hours (Lord willing if traffic cooperates) to Bella Vista to start my vacation.

21) I have low tolerance for ... Ignorance. Apathy. Insensitivity.

22) If I had a million dollars I would ... Pay off my debt. Pay off my parents home loan. Put a down payment on a house for myself.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Do you believe in love
and that we were meant to be?
Two words can free us,
so repeat them after me"I do."*

It’s a dangerous game, when you start drawing lines in the sand. How far will you go in a relationship, how much of yourself will you give, nay, should you be expected to give, before you can rightfully demand something in return.

The truth is, had I known five years ago that TheBoy and I would still be hesitating over the big “I do” question I probably wouldn’t have gotten as involved as I did. Having said that, I’m truly glad that I didn’t know. I wouldn’t trade one minute of the time we’ve shared, the connection we feel or the love that is clearly visible between us. Why would I trade in the perfect relationship for a not-so-perfect one that might include a ring?

And yet? I never dreamed I’d spend the rest of my life alone. Because make no mistake… I am alone. Single. In the eyes of the state, of my family… In a secret place in my heart I feel… alone. I’ve heard arguments on both sides. Marriage changes nothing. Marriage changes everything. I’m tired of the arguments. I feel like I can’t even remember what I’ve been arguing for.

I remember, vaguely, that it used to be very important to me not to live with a boy before we were engaged. Well, when TheBoy and I moved in together I honestly thought with the way things had been going that we were headed in that direction. We’d only been together for a few months sure but… it was just RIGHT. I was just so sure he was The One. I didn’t hesitate.

Now I’m holding on to this notion that we shouldn’t buy a house together until we’re married, or at least engaged. Real Estate is my profession, I KNOW that this goes wrong. It feels wrong, the one time we came close I couldn’t bring myself to do it at the last minute. And yet? Now? We’re stuck.

Do we buy houses next door to each other? Across town? Live separately after almost 5 years? Does one of us sacrifice financial security and rent from the other for the rest of our lives? And you know what the worst thing is? I am doing this to us. I’ve made us stuck here in this place. And that I could, theoretically, get us un-stuck.

The ever-burning question is should I?**

*From the song Tennessee by Sugarland on their album Twice the Speed of Life. If you even remotely like country music, buy this album.

**Rhetorical question.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm sorry... So sorry...

I feel like I spend most of my time on this here blog lately apologizing for my silence. It’s not that I’m trying to make myself sound important y’all I’m just THAT busy! But you know what comes along with being THAT busy? Being THAT tired!

Last weekend the girls and I headed over the hill to Capitola Village where we rented a beach house for the weekend to celebrate Angie’s Bachelorette weekend. It was fairly low key, lots of laying around on the beach, some games, a few beverages of the alcoholic variety and one cake shaped like a certain part of the male anatomy. *ahem*

Good times y’all. Also, good planning as it was right smack dab in the middle of a huge heat wave at home so while it was in the high 80’s and near perfect with an ocean breeze at the coast, it was over 100 degrees and sweltering at home. Eeek. I came home on Sunday to 118 degrees in my apartment. So not my idea of fun.

Anyway, I hope the bride had a good time! It’s less than three weeks until the big day! I can’t wait – it’s going to be so fun. I’ve been looking forward to this day for what seems like my whole life. ;^D


TheBoy and I are leaving on Friday for 9 days in Sunriver, Oregon with his family. Should be very relaxing, with lots of bike riding and swimming and such. Unfortunately, TheBoy has what we’re fairly certain is a cracked rib so we’re going to have to limit the horseback riding and river rafting but still… 9 days with absolutely nothing more pressing to decide than whether I should go swimming then bike riding or vice versa. I can not wait. And we might try to sneak in a day at the lake on our way home!


This is probably borderline TMI (or hell – it’s probably VERY TMI) but I’m starting to notice that lately strange things seem to get me… “in the mood” if you will. Songs on the radio, certain foods, passing smells, memories, dreams. Totally random things at random times will occur to me and... Well, y’all get the picture.

Anyone else notice this? Is it because I’m getting older?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

On Engagement

Look at me! Two posts with pictures in as many days!! I'm on a roll y'all... Practically a brand new woman.

Michele's and John's engagement party was this weekend. And seriously it was the most fun party I've been to probably EVER. The setting, the people, the PRIVATE DISCO?!?! Yeah. You can read more about it here.

Blogger doesn't like me and isn't letting me upload photos so my pictures are here.


Four years ago (roughly - June of 2002) TheBoy and I went to Napa for the day to celebrate our first anniversary and to do some wine tasting. It was a momentous occasion for me in two ways. 1) I had to finally acknowledge that MAYBE this was not, in fact, a summer fling as we had lasted a year AND had just signed a lease on an apartment together. Even though we'd been "unofficially" living together for 5 months already. And 2) I was strictly a beer drinking kind of girl before TheBoy came along, with some hard stuff thrown in for good measure. I knew where I was from y'all... None of this high brow wine snobbery for me!

Anyway, we drove up for the day, with the top down, blasting tunes and getting sunburned. If I remember correctly, it was almost 100 degrees that Saturday. TheBoy took me to all of his favorite wineries and we tasted and tasted and tasted to our little hearts content. I was more than a little tipsy! We shared a picnic lunch under a shaded tree outside a winery where his cousin worked (works?) and I let him steal a few kisses in front of God and everybody. I was so embarrassed but I was so in love (and also maybe a little drunk) so I didn't care.

We also, of course, bought some wine. At one winery I absolutely fell in love with this particular bottle of wine. It was by far the best wine we'd tasted all day. And by far the most expensive. I wavered and hemmed and hawed over whether or not I should buy a bottle. In the end I joined their wine club* so I could get a discount and bought one bottle. We joked about saving it for our wedding night or other special occasion. And because I'm a girl and because it was our anniversary weekend and it seemed fitting that is how I've always thought of that wine. Every time I looked at it sitting there in our wine rack covered in dust, every time I packed it gingerly in paper when we moved, I'd think back to that first anniversary and look forward, longingly, to the night we would open that bottle.

A few weeks ago when I returned from Maui I was putting the bottles of pineapple sparkling wine that I had brought back into the wine rack when I felt my hand brush against something sticky. Sure enough there was a dark red stain across the back of my wrist. I searched for the culprit and when I realized which bottle was leaking I gingerly pulled it out, wiped it off, set it on the table and cried.

Last night we opened that bottle and poured it down the sink.** Ironic? Or maybe a sign? The wine I thought we'd use to celebrate our wedding didn't even last long enough for us to get engaged.

*I remained a member for a LONG time - until I lost my job several years later.

**Actually, TheBoy poured it down the sink after I went to bed, I started crying at the mere mention of dumping it. Seemed too... symbolic? Wrong.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Maui Pics (Finally!)

Looking at these pictures makes me realize what a LONG and STRESSFUL 15 days it has been since I've been home. I'm already looking forward to the 29th when TheBoy and I leave for 9 days of nothing but relaxing and swimming and generally tomfoolery with his family in Sunriver. I could really use a vacation y'all!

Here are Liz and I at the Rehersal Dinner which was by the pool in one of the condo complexes where the bride and her family were staying. Of course it was right by the beach so there was a spectacular sunset and a crystal clear view of Molokini.

Here we are at the wedding which was held at the most beautiful plantation house. We are standing just behind the place where the bride and groom said their vows. The wedding itself was truly touching - at one point when the groom went to say his vows he turned to the bride and grabbed both of her hands... at that point I lost the battle with the tears I was keeping at bay and I was dabbing at my mascara for the rest of the short but sweet ceremony.

The day after the wedding we spent the day playing around in Lahaina, shopping in all the nifty shops, checking out the Banyan Tree, the old Court House, the Chinese Museum, eating lunch at Kimo's and just generally being tourists. Afterwards we drove down to Kanapaali to do some snorkeling at Black Rock and see the cliff divers at sunset. Here we are having dinner at the old hotel there (I've forgotten the name) in downtown Lahaina at the end of that very long but fun day.

Anyway, those are just a few of my favorites... The whole shebang of them are posted here.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I gave up my parking permit for the garage behind my building because 1) I couldn’t justify the expensive given all the flipping doctor bills I’ve got these days and 2) I was feeling pretty lazy since there is FREE street parking in the residential area a few streets away. I mean really, I’m in good shape, I should be able to walk right? I don’t want to end up one of those people who can’t walk 4 blocks without being winded.

Anyway, THAT was not the point of this story. The point was that on my way walking in to the office this morning I passed the cutest kitty sunning himself on the sidewalk. So what did I do, being the kitty lover that I am? I just HAD to pet that precious little cat. And he was SO CUTE y’all. He sat up and started purring and rubbing his little cheeks on my hand. SO. CUTE.

But then? When I started to leave? He followed me! So I had to turn around and go back to, what I presumed was, his house and explain to him that he had to stay there. And as I walked away, here comes the cat. Seriously, we did this little number about 3 or 4 more times before the cat finally got bored of me and wandered away in search of some grass to munch.

THIS is why I have an indoor cat y’all. Because my cat? He’s maybe not the smartest fur ball to ever have his ears scratched if you know what I mean. He’d take off after the first friendly stranger that looked like they had food in their pockets. I’m just saying.


I have renewed my faith in humanity.

I generally get my prescriptions filled at the gigantic chain pharmacy across the street from my office. I went to the mom and pop owned local pharmacy for years but they were so far out of the way and this one was more convenient and yes I feel guilty about it why do you ask? Anyway, moving on. The pharmacy is convenient I will give them that, but their customer service skills leave a lot to be desired. More than once I’ve arrived several hours after the promised delivery date of my prescriptions only to be told that they’re still not ready and wouldn’t I mind coming back.

The other day I went in to get my migraine meds refilled, and true to form I had left it to the last possible day so I was preparing myself for a long wait. When I got there the only customer service person (poor frazzled girl) was helping a guy in a wheel chair pick out gloves. I’m a patient person, I don’t mind, in fact I was impressed that she was taking the time to help the guy. I mean clearly he couldn’t reach the gloves, which were on the top shelf, on his own. No one in the line seemed to be grumbling. It was a nice thing to do.

But then all of a sudden you could almost sense the change in her. She was anxious to be away and back behind the counter. I’m not sure if she was overly conscious of the other customers or what. I tried to smile encouragingly at her the one time she looked over and caught my eye but it didn’t seem to help. All of a sudden she simply piled various boxes of gloves in the guy’s wheelchair and instructed him to get back in line when he had made his choice.

Now y’all. The guy could not operate the wheelchair due to the placement of the boxes in his lap. You could see the embarrassment on his face. I was 4 seconds away from going over there and trying to help him, even though I don’t know the first thing about the benefits of latex gloves over whatever the other kind were, when all of a sudden I heard the woman behind me say “Good Lord.” I looked back and she sort of half smiled at me and pushed her way out of line and went over to the guy to help him.

Turns out she’s a caregiver for the elderly (the gloves the man was trying to purchase were for his own in-house caregivers) and she carefully collected the piles of boxes out of his wheelchair and gave him some pointers on which gloves SHE prefers and helped him make his decision based on size and price. Once they were both back in line I turned and whispered a thank you to her, indicating my own wish to help and ignorance in the subject of gloves. The three of us joked about the customer service and discussed the weather, the Giants and their children (hers) and grandchildren (his).

Sometimes the kindness of a stranger will affect more than just the recipient of the good deed. I believe everyone in that line left the store with a smile on their face that afternoon.


I didn’t end up going to the gym OR doing any ironing OR uploading any Hawaii photos last night. The last one was probably pretty obvious. In fact I didn’t do anything productive at all!

What I DID do was sit my lazy butt on the couch and watch 4 episodes of So You Think You Can Dance back to back thanks to TiVo.

Oh yes I did.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

If Shawn gets away with it... :)

Sorry guys I DID NOT sleep last night! So you guys get the half ass post today. :) Hope it's entertaining anyway...

10 years ago... I was working full time at Papyrus at Stanford Mall, spending inordinate amounts of time alternating between the beach and whichever friend’s house had a pool and a keg. I had entered my rebellious phase. People were “worried about me”. I had just ended my Junior year of high school with the highest GPA and the toughest course load ever and I was looking forward to an easy Senior year. My two closest friends had abandoned me for a rival school, I had decided not to cheer (cheer had been my LIFE prior to that), I had a falling out with my youth pastor and pretty much left church, and I thought I was in love. I was 17.

5 years ago... I had dropped out of college to pursue a career in the booming Silicon Valley real estate market. I was working with two excellent top producing realtors whom I loved. I was living in a condo they had purchased for me to live in. I had recently started dating TheBoy and I was sure he was THE ONE. Little did I know that 2 short months down the road some radical terrorists were going to fly planes into buildings and alter the course of the world.

1 year ago... Gee… 1 year ago looked an awful lot like today! I was working at the same job, living in the same apartment… Hmm… Oh! Last year this time I was training for the San Francisco Marathon. Also, 1 year ago TheBoy and I were actively looking into purchasing a home together. In fact I believe this time last year was the Aptos House from here and here.

Yesterday... I worked all day. I fed a friend’s cats on my lunch break. TheBoy and I watched the All Star game and had dinner at Chili’s, where we ran into Michele. Afterwards we went home and watched Cinderella Man which I made it ALMOST all the way through before passing out on the couch. It’s so exciting to be me sometimes.

Today... I will work all day and feed my friend’s cats on my lunch break. After work I might go to the gym since my knee hasn’t been hurting me too much so far this morning (knocks on wood). I also REALLY NEED to do the ironing before it topples off of the chair I have it perched in and suffocates my cat. I’m just saying. You know what? I take it back. TODAY it’s so exciting to be me.

Tomorrow... OH! Tomorrow gets better! Tomorrow I work all day (this adult thing is NOT all it’s cracked up to be) but then I get to go shopping with Michele and Liz at the Banana Republic outlet for something for Michele to wear to her Engagement photo session on Friday! See! That’s not horribly boring and sad right? Thank God y’all! I was about to go curl up under my desk in the fetal position.

5 snacks I enjoy... Cheese, Peanut butter filled pretzels, Cheese, Carrots and Spicy Hummus, did I mention Cheese?

5 songs I know all the words to... only 5?

Breathless by the Corrs
Release Me by Wilson Phillips (or anything on that first album if I’m being honest)
Baby Got Back by Sir Mix Alot (don’t judge – you know y’all are singing it right now!)
Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leopard (my car’s theme song)
Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears (no excuses)

5 regrets... I regret the way I treated this guy I dated back in high school, Jimmy, he was sweet to me and deserved better. I regret staying so long with my ex Gabor when clearly we were wrong for each other, I was just so afraid that I would never find anyone else. I regret all the time I spent trying to be good enough for other people, it wasn’t worth it in the end. I am constantly regretting the things I say, if I could have a rewind and erase button I’d be a happy girl! I reget a lot of things surrounding my relationship with Jim.

5 television shows I watch weekly... Ha! Umm… Well assuming it was winter and the regular programing was in season I might be able to watch the shows I record on TiVo with some regularity, but I’m not promising weekly! It’s more likely that I’ll be watching 2 or 3 weeks worth in one sitting! But here you go!

The OC (that pains me to admit but I DID grow up with 90210!)
American Idol (you can take the girl out of the performance…)
Family Guy

5 things I would do with $100,000,000...

Buy a house
Pay off my parent’s house
Buy investment real estate

5 locations I would love to run away to...

Italy (I’ve never been!)
Greece (ditto!)
My parent’s house

5 things I hate doing...

Talking about my feelings
Confronting people – about anything – even if I’m in the right
Crying in public – which I do A LOT
Going to the doctor – there are sick people there!

5 things I like doing...

Hanging out with my friends!
Running / working out / being active
Swimming / wake boarding / being at the lake

5 things I would never wear...

Nylons with open toed shoes
Tevas (or other sandals) with socks
Colored tights or nylons
Tapered ankle or flood style pants
Shoulder pads a la football players or 80’s power suits

5 recently seen movies I like...

Cinderella Man (or at least what I saw)
Lord of War (MUCH better than what I expected)
Ummm… I don’t watch that many movies y’all!
But DON’T see Club Dread! Whatever you do – just take my word for it!

5 famous people I'd like to meet... Err… I’m not a big celebrity hound. Unless shaking some sense into Britney Spears counts?

5 biggest joys of the moment...

Celebrating with Michele and John at their Engagement Party this weekend.

Spending the weekend with the girls in Capitola next weekend for Angie’s Bachelorette Party.

TheBoy and I are spending two weekends in a row together! (Lame I know – but we’ve been spending a lot of time this summer apart due to various wedding and family commitments)

We just celebrated our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERARY! I think that deserves a cookie or something.

And not to sound cheesy or anything but for those of you that know me I’m just really taking joy in the (relative) good health of my loved ones.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Tail Spin

You know most days I sort of wander through my life and I think, man I have this grown-up thing down pat. You know? Good job, maybe even career (though not what I would have chosen for myself and if I don’t love it – I don’t hate it either and coming to work is enjoyable), tidy apartment, healthy cat, strong relationships with my boyfriend, my friends, my family…

And then something crops up and I think, who am I kidding?!?!? It’s amazing I even manage to feed myself! I am, of course, speaking of finances. I have always had a “just in case” account. You know… Some money put aside in case something happened and I needed a buffer. And you know what? Even when things were pretty bad and I was unemployed or underemployed I never used it. So this year when my friends started getting engaged and then several opportunities presented themselves to travel I thought I’d use the “just in case” money for that.

Because, really, can you think of a better reason to spend money than on celebrating with your closest friends?!?! But then you know what happened? Of course you know. Because it is Murphy’s Law, right? I got sick. Or rather, I got went hiking and developed some blood blisters, which got infected. Then I got some mosquito bites, which got infected. I had Staph, then another kind of bacteria and there were antibiotics and steroids and shots and pills and inexplicable knee pain and… Doctor bills.

Lots and lots and lots of bills from my Doctor. And the Doctor she referred me to for the infections. And the Doctor they jointly referred me to for the knee pain. Bills and more bills. And I thought, fine, no problem, it happens. Could be worse, right? And I’m finally getting better so at least I can joke about having my health right? At least 70% of it anyway…

But you know what I DON’T need right now? Car trouble. Like brakes that are going out in the back. And a driver’s side window motor thingy that won’t let me roll up my window if I roll it down so I have to open the door and grab on and pull it up while I push the button if I forget and roll it down. Or windshield wipers that I never got fixed last winter and then it stopped raining but you know it’s going to start raining again someday, as TheBoy reminds me, and I can’t put it off forever. And an oil light that keeps going on for some reason that has yet to be discovered, oh and speaking of oil, I’m due for an oil change.


Someone send wine?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Chivalry is dead? In Canada?

For our snorkeling trip out to Molokini and Turtle Town BFL and I had to get up at the obscenely early (for vacation anyway) hour of 5:30 am to toss on swim suits and cover ups and drive down to the marina for the boarding time of 6:30. The boat was a “catamaran”. I put catamaran in quotes because this thing wasn’t even equipped with sails so they were making no pretense of even remotely being able to sail. We motored out and we motored in, regardless of the heavy trade winds. But it LOOKED like a catamaran.

Because BFL and I are both somewhat anal retentive and I am a morning person we, of course, made it there plenty early and were among the first 3 or 4 groups of people to arrive. This was actually really cool because after we got ourselves all checked in, lost our shoes to the bucket (all the cruises are “barefoot” – I suspect because too many people have lost shoes overboard) and were actually ON THE BOAT, we managed to snag some pretty sweet seats at the front on a bench next to the trampolines.

Across from us was a large family of seven, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and three sons. On our bench was a newlywed couple and three of the cutest Canadian boys ever. As it was barely 7:00 in the morning there wasn’t much conversation amongst us at first as you can imagine. A few polite comments here and there, a few shared laughs at the Captain and crew’s lame jokes, that’s about it. We did learn that the boys next to us were not 21 by the grumbling complaints about not being able to drink, but over 18 because they were legal to drink in Canada (or Mexico, Europe… most of the free world really). Also that they were Canadian, figured that one out all on my own! It was early y’all – cut me some slack.

After snorkeling for a bit at Molokini we all headed back to the boat for the trip over to Turtle Town and more snorkeling. This is when the talking actually began. We learned that the boys were on their graduation trip after just finishing High School – making them JUST 18. They entertained us with stories of each other’s drunken mishaps and some of people back home. They were staying with one of the boy’s moms and they couldn’t believe she’d brought 8 PAIRS OF SHOES for a 2 week trip! I wisely kept quiet with this news as I had brought 4 pairs of shoes and purchased 1 pair there for a 6 day trip and that’s only because I didn’t bring my running shoes and I believe Liz brought 5 pairs and bought 1 pair there for a 10 day trip so… Yeah I guess men are never too young to be baffled by women’s shoe addictions!

After snorkeling at Turtle Town lunch was served and the booze service began for those of us, *ahem*, WELL OVER the legal drinking age state side thankyouverymuch. And there was more chatting with the people on our boat. One of the crew had locked himself out of his house and his roommate had moved out the day before so he was pretty worried that he wasn’t going to be able to get back in. I’m not sure why he told me that. People are just friendlier in the islands? He was cute so I didn’t mind terribly – plus he was the one handing out the booze! The newlyweds were an odd pair, husband was pretty darn cute but the wife… eh. BFL thought maybe she was an animal in the sack! You never know! She did have a pretty cute Southern accent and you KNOW what they say about us Southern girls!! ;)

After lunch we started heading back into the marina and at this point we notice that those trade winds everyone is always talking about? They are so not kidding around about those! It was crazy out there! The wind was gusting so hard and so fast hair and towels and swimsuit cover-ups were whipping around and stinging the skin and eyes. Every time we hit a wake a giant wall of water would come washing over onto the boat and drench every thing and everyone in its path. It was a rocking good time y’all! At one point they even stopped the boat to ask if any of us still sitting in the front wanted to move back… No way! Even someone’s grandma stayed up front!

I think it was around this point that one of our cute little Canadian boys left his seat on the tramp and came over to cower behind me on the bench. He actually said something like, “I’m just going to hide here behind you, can you block the wind?” Apparently chivalry in Canada is totally dead! I just laughed. His friends laughed. I told him that he was giving Canadian men a horribly bad reputation. He asked me not to hold it against them all. And then when a particularly nasty wave launched me practically into his lap it dawned on me that perhaps his anti-chivalry thing wasn’t such a bad move on his part after all!

Poor guy. I gave him a lot of crap, it was a LONG trip back to port, and well you know… I can be a bit sarcastic sometimes. And as soon as we made it into the marina his buddies started in with the giving him crap for flirting and some random kid I don’t think anyone knew joined in on the fun! At that point he finally introduced himself as Shawn (or Sean). I never did catch the other two kids’ names. Anyway, if he was flirting, I totally give him credit for trying it with a woman nearly 10 years his senior!

But really… Guys… Try the chivalry thing! Am I wrong ladies? I LOVE IT! But I am Southern so maybe it’s just a me thing?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Attack of the Turtle

One of the things BFL and I did in Maui was a snorkeling trip out to Molokini and Turtle Town.

Molokini is a big sunken volcanic crater just off Maui’s coast in between Maui and the island of Molokai. It is a bird sanctuary on the island and a marine preserve in the water so the snorkeling is phenomenal there. I’ve been once before in the winter and while we did see many, many wonderful and colorful fish on this trip I do have to say the last time in February was outstanding.

Turtle Town is really just a snorkel and dive spot just off the golf course in the Makena / Wailea, South Maui area. You can probably guess that it’s home to a lot of the giant Hawaiian Sea Turtles. When we got there almost immediately we saw two come up to the surface to breathe. In the water we only saw one. It’s a bit tricky because they do look like rocks so you’re basically swimming along thinking Rock? Turtle? Rock? Wait did that thing just move?

I’m happy to report that the Hawaiian Sea Turtles are no longer endangered. They used to be but they are making a come back and are now only protected. This is very good news. However, as our tour guide said, you still can’t touch them, ride on them, carve things into their shells or give them turtle nuggies. Nor should you want to. The last tour guide we had 4 years ago when we were there told us that they have a bacteria on their shells that can make humans very ill if we ingest it. Also, they carry all sorts of diseases. It was enough to keep this AR germaphobe away! Don’t touch the turtles – got it.

But. Four years ago? One of those, still endangered at that point (and highly diseased), turtles tried to touch me! I swear y’all. True story! I was swimming along minding my own business when I heard TheBoy make that “eh eh” noise so common to people trying to speak with a snorkel in their mouth and turned my head to see a turtle coming up for air. They are truly beautiful to look at when they are swimming. Also, I realized he was maybe coming right at me. And those suckers are faster than you think they would be. Or at least they are faster than my unwieldy ass is in too big rental flippers!

So here I am, doing the swimming equivalent of backpedaling in the water, and that peaceful turtle is just swimming on, intent on his goal. I suppose since the only reason that the turtles even bother coming to the surface is to breathe I can be a little forgiving here. I mean it’s not like he was just popping up for a look-see. But still. All I could think was “holy hell this diseased creature is going to touch me and I am going to be in TROUBLE!” Seriously. The whole way over to Turtle Town all we had heard was Don’t. Touch. The. Turtles.

Finally I just took of my mask because I was actually sucking salt water IN through the snorkel at that point and thought I was going to drown and managed to push myself far enough away so that the turtle came up for air maybe a foot and a half from my shoulder. TheBoy was busy taking pictures from underwater with our handy-dandy water proof camera* and was absolutely NO HELP to me and my dilemma. It felt like hours but I’m sure it has taken me longer to write out the story of this adventure that the whole thing lasted. Just as I was breathing a sigh of relief that I hadn’t been touched and was starting to wonder how far the bacteria, diseases and general germy-ness could travel in sea water I heard a shout from the boat behind me. “DON’T TOUCH THE TURTLE!”

I turned around and treading water with my mask in hand and in the most indignant voice I could muster I shouted back, HE tried to touch ME!”

*Which, by the way, we STILL have not developed the film off of. Or, I do not know where the photos are. That’s the kind of tourist I am y’all.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Here today... Gone to Maui!

Pardon my blog silence for the past six days but I have been on the wonderful tropical island of Maui with BestFriend Liz. And let me tell you, this back to reality crap isn't all it's cracked up to be! When my alarm went off this morning at 7 am - which was really 4 am Maui time - I just about died.

But never fear... Coffee conquers all! And I have loads of stories and sadly few pictures to post (hopefully tonight - no promises), mountains of laundry and a TAN! Well okay fine. I have more freckles. But from a distance they LOOK almost like a TAN. So there. It's as close as I get y'all. Seriously.

Anyway, just a brief post to let you know I'm alive and well. BFL is off to Oahu (so sad really - let's feel sorry for her maybe?) and I'm home for three measly days before TheBoy and I fly to Oregon for my family reunion this weekend. Exciting. It's almost like I'm a jet-setter. Or something.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th. I did get to see some fireworks from the window of the plane as I landed in San Francisco last night. Which means that SF does their fireworks show REALLY late because my flight got in EARLY at 11:05 pm. I'm just saying...