Friday, July 28, 2006

La La La

My brain has ceased all normal operations. I am so frustrated with my inability to even THINK in coherent sentences that I can not imagine what it must be like to be around me at the moment. Thankfully I leave for vacation soon. Is someone working on my caffeine IV?

I finally got my dress altered for the wedding that is 2 weeks from tomorrow. Well not so much “altered” as “straps shortened” but it’ll do. I think it looks nice. For purple. ;D My friend Michele’s mom did it for me which was awesome since it was also free! Woo hoo! She also had this great idea for steaming out some of the wrinkles on the front… It’s called a dressmaker’s ham. After I stopped looking at her like an alien had popped up on her left shoulder she kindly explained it to me (Curved! Like the dress! Lies flat while ironing!) AND let me borrow it. Such a nice woman.

I really think they should bring back Home Economics in school. Really, that pains the feminist in me to say, but come on here people. I can sew a (crooked) hem in some pants if I absolutely have to and replace buttons. That’s about it. I’ve got the culinary bits down but know people who didn’t even know you could make rice on the stove! Something is seriously lacking in our generation y’all. I’m just saying. Basic skills. That’s all I’m asking for.

There is a shiny new white Mac Powerbook calling my name in the window of the Apple store near my office. Just think of all the blogging I could do from that baby!

Also, I fell in love with the cutest blonde lab puppy this morning. When I woke TheBoy up to announce that I MUST. HAVE. THE. PUPPY! He laughed and promptly went back to sleep. The NERVE y’all! It was love at first sight! Sniff, sniff. You think if I just showed up one day with this itty bitty ball of a puppy he’d be able to stay mad that long? We’d make a pretty darn adorable group, the puppy, the cat and me!

Okay, I’m going to apologize IN ADVANCE for my blog silence. I’m leaving tonight and will be gone for 9 whole days! So looking forward to it. 9 whole days where my toughest decisions will be whether I should go for a run and then go lay out by the pool? Or maybe go for a little rafting trip and then find some shade by the river and read a book? The possibilities are endless!

Miss me!


Liz said...

Should I have the puppy waiting for you when you return ;)

Goat said...

Go have lots of fun Tiff!! I may be in Vegas, but this isn't a class the next couple of days and then briefs the rest of the time. Still....the drinks are cold and even though it's 109 here today...the drinks are cold!

Enough about me - enjoy your tough decisions and know the rest of us are thinking of you and waiting for you to blog some more.


Anonymous said...

i will miss you! have loads of fun.

Michele said...

Adjusting the straps IS an alteration! But seriously, maybe we DO need to take one of those sewing classes.

If you got the puppy, you know Ry would LOVE it!