Friday, July 07, 2006

Chivalry is dead? In Canada?

For our snorkeling trip out to Molokini and Turtle Town BFL and I had to get up at the obscenely early (for vacation anyway) hour of 5:30 am to toss on swim suits and cover ups and drive down to the marina for the boarding time of 6:30. The boat was a “catamaran”. I put catamaran in quotes because this thing wasn’t even equipped with sails so they were making no pretense of even remotely being able to sail. We motored out and we motored in, regardless of the heavy trade winds. But it LOOKED like a catamaran.

Because BFL and I are both somewhat anal retentive and I am a morning person we, of course, made it there plenty early and were among the first 3 or 4 groups of people to arrive. This was actually really cool because after we got ourselves all checked in, lost our shoes to the bucket (all the cruises are “barefoot” – I suspect because too many people have lost shoes overboard) and were actually ON THE BOAT, we managed to snag some pretty sweet seats at the front on a bench next to the trampolines.

Across from us was a large family of seven, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and three sons. On our bench was a newlywed couple and three of the cutest Canadian boys ever. As it was barely 7:00 in the morning there wasn’t much conversation amongst us at first as you can imagine. A few polite comments here and there, a few shared laughs at the Captain and crew’s lame jokes, that’s about it. We did learn that the boys next to us were not 21 by the grumbling complaints about not being able to drink, but over 18 because they were legal to drink in Canada (or Mexico, Europe… most of the free world really). Also that they were Canadian, figured that one out all on my own! It was early y’all – cut me some slack.

After snorkeling for a bit at Molokini we all headed back to the boat for the trip over to Turtle Town and more snorkeling. This is when the talking actually began. We learned that the boys were on their graduation trip after just finishing High School – making them JUST 18. They entertained us with stories of each other’s drunken mishaps and some of people back home. They were staying with one of the boy’s moms and they couldn’t believe she’d brought 8 PAIRS OF SHOES for a 2 week trip! I wisely kept quiet with this news as I had brought 4 pairs of shoes and purchased 1 pair there for a 6 day trip and that’s only because I didn’t bring my running shoes and I believe Liz brought 5 pairs and bought 1 pair there for a 10 day trip so… Yeah I guess men are never too young to be baffled by women’s shoe addictions!

After snorkeling at Turtle Town lunch was served and the booze service began for those of us, *ahem*, WELL OVER the legal drinking age state side thankyouverymuch. And there was more chatting with the people on our boat. One of the crew had locked himself out of his house and his roommate had moved out the day before so he was pretty worried that he wasn’t going to be able to get back in. I’m not sure why he told me that. People are just friendlier in the islands? He was cute so I didn’t mind terribly – plus he was the one handing out the booze! The newlyweds were an odd pair, husband was pretty darn cute but the wife… eh. BFL thought maybe she was an animal in the sack! You never know! She did have a pretty cute Southern accent and you KNOW what they say about us Southern girls!! ;)

After lunch we started heading back into the marina and at this point we notice that those trade winds everyone is always talking about? They are so not kidding around about those! It was crazy out there! The wind was gusting so hard and so fast hair and towels and swimsuit cover-ups were whipping around and stinging the skin and eyes. Every time we hit a wake a giant wall of water would come washing over onto the boat and drench every thing and everyone in its path. It was a rocking good time y’all! At one point they even stopped the boat to ask if any of us still sitting in the front wanted to move back… No way! Even someone’s grandma stayed up front!

I think it was around this point that one of our cute little Canadian boys left his seat on the tramp and came over to cower behind me on the bench. He actually said something like, “I’m just going to hide here behind you, can you block the wind?” Apparently chivalry in Canada is totally dead! I just laughed. His friends laughed. I told him that he was giving Canadian men a horribly bad reputation. He asked me not to hold it against them all. And then when a particularly nasty wave launched me practically into his lap it dawned on me that perhaps his anti-chivalry thing wasn’t such a bad move on his part after all!

Poor guy. I gave him a lot of crap, it was a LONG trip back to port, and well you know… I can be a bit sarcastic sometimes. And as soon as we made it into the marina his buddies started in with the giving him crap for flirting and some random kid I don’t think anyone knew joined in on the fun! At that point he finally introduced himself as Shawn (or Sean). I never did catch the other two kids’ names. Anyway, if he was flirting, I totally give him credit for trying it with a woman nearly 10 years his senior!

But really… Guys… Try the chivalry thing! Am I wrong ladies? I LOVE IT! But I am Southern so maybe it’s just a me thing?


kate said...

oh no. i think every woman loves it. and it's not dead. there are men out there who are chivalrous. i gots to find me one. lol.

Laurie said...

My boyfriend wooed me by being chivalrous. I was on so many dates where men would walk ahead of me through doors, or not let me sit down first, or not let me order first...That when Billy took me out, and opened my car door and the door to the restaurant and - gasp! - ordered my dinner for me (which, to be fair, I asked him to do because we were at a Japanese restaurant and I didn't know one dish from the next), I was floored. I love to feel like a lady. I think we all do.