Thursday, July 27, 2006

Something for Carrie

1) My ex is ... Just someone I used to know.

2) Maybe I should ... Stop being lazy and just do the stupid ironing when I do the laundry so it doesn’t take 3 and ½ hours! Work on really paying down my debt. Buy some new running shoes. And a bike.

3) I love ... TheBoy. My girls. TheCat. My mom for understanding me no matter what. Summer days and long summer nights. Beer.

4) I don't understand ... People without filters. Jealousy. Traffic.

5) I lost ... My mind? :) My temper? My car on the street last weekend?

6) People say that I'm ... I don’t know what people say I am. Anyone care to share? Be nice!

I would say I am… independent, sensitive, friendly, athletic, nerdy, shy… A contradiction maybe?

7) People are ... Fascinating. Frustrating.

8) Love is .... A long, intricate, intimate dance. Not for the faint of heart.

9) Somewhere, someone is ... Laughing, crying, waking, sleeping, running, standing still, being born or dying. It’s what is the most beautiful about life.

10) I always ... Match my underthings to my outfits, wear sunscreen on my face, wash my face first in the shower, screen my phone calls (sorry!), hold back what I really want to say for fear of hurting someone or sounding vulnerable.

11) Forever is ... A really, REALLY long time!

12) I never want to ... Regret not doing something when I had the chance.

13) I think the current President is ... Only going to ruin my days for 17 more months or so.

14) When I wake up in the morning I... Hit the snooze button, cuddle with TheCat, mentally plan my day, stretch, start my whole morning routine. That’s a whole post in and of itself.

15) When life gives you lemons... Make a lemon drop!

16) My past ... Made me who I am and for that I can not be sorry. I just wish it would stay more in the past.

17) I get annoyed with ... things I can not control.

18) I wish ... Life would slow down. I could figure out what I want to do. Everyone would just get along.

19) Dogs are..... Family! Running partners, companions, a desire.

20) Tomorrow I am ... Working, having lunch with Angie and driving 4 hours (Lord willing if traffic cooperates) to Bella Vista to start my vacation.

21) I have low tolerance for ... Ignorance. Apathy. Insensitivity.

22) If I had a million dollars I would ... Pay off my debt. Pay off my parents home loan. Put a down payment on a house for myself.


Goat said...

enough with the 'underthings' remarks!!! :) How would you ladies like it if I talked about my boxers all the time in my blog....if I blogged all the time that is! ;)

Girls 'underthings' make a guys mind fall into places like the gutter and since I am usually already there...

as for #13, what are you going to do if we get someone worse? In my mind, we've been going down hill since the 80's.

Liz said...

Woohoo, I am stealing this. Great post, fun to read :)