Monday, June 12, 2006

One of those days

I actually just got shushed for making too much noise taping up boxes y’all. No I’m not kidding. I actually laughed at first because… She could possibly be serious right? This woman who has never said a word to me? But no. She seriously wanted to know if I could “do that” (ie: tape up boxes to mail out client gifts) “some other time”. I politely told her no, that I’m not in the habit of staying after hours, but that I’d be done shortly.

Some people have such nerve!

But then I had to laugh because as I was walking through the reception area not 5 minutes ago I heard her in there asking the receptionist and another girl who works on another floor to please refrain from having personal conversations at the front desk as she can hear them from her cube.

Apparently she’s just having a bad day. So I went by her desk on my way back to my cube and smiled at her. I mean really y’all. It can’t possibly be THAT bad can it?!?!


TheBoy and I went up to Lake Shasta with Christine and Michael this weekend. The weather was perfect and, even though I couldn’t wakeboard because of the never-ending knee saga, much fun was had by all.

You know it’s a good sign when the tequila is half gone, the sun is still shining hot and you’ve got hours of swimming and eating and hanging out to do with friends.

I remember thinking when I was in the midst of the break-up drama with my ex how much I was going to miss going to the lake. It was our favorite thing to do and I never thought I’d meet another boy who loved it as much as I do. But I was wrong. I met a boy who quite possibly loves it MORE. And as an added bonus he doesn’t make me feel bad about myself.


I’m also happy to report that I have been knee-pain free for 4 days now! Yippee! Of course I’m on super drugs at the moment. I’ve also been sworn off any kind of heeled shoe for the next two weeks but whatever! NO PAIN! No vomiting! I’m a brand new girl.

Just cross your fingers and hope this crap lasts in 8 days when I’m on my own and drug free… K?


Also, it has come to my own attention that I am entirely too anal retentive. I am working on it. The last few weeks have been a complete exercise in me NOT having 100% control over a situation that normally I would have been ALL OVER. I think it’s working well. I’m not totally comfortable with it, but I haven’t killed any one so it’s a start! ;^D

In that regard, everyone out there in IIF-land, please send your prayers (or well wishes – whatever) towards my friend Angie (the Bride-to-be) and her family. Y’all are the best!


Goat said...

Shhhhh!!! people are trying to blog around here!! :P I've got a boring life Tiff and I enjoy reading about the adventures you and Liz go through... Glad to hear your knees aren't bothering you and by the way, I'm still jealous of your up coming trip!!!!


Goat said...

you know Tiff, some of us don't live on the left coast and look to blogs for that little bit of comfort from home...

Hope all is well back there and you blog soon! :)

Tiffany said...

I'm trying!! I swear I am!

It's been just the teeniest bit crazy around here lately... Does it count that I've been *thinking* about blogging?

Goat said...

Oh if *thinking* about blogging counted I'd be well over 100 posts now! :)

Why is it that as you move through life it seems like the days get shorter and there is never enough time to do all you want?

Just your friendly neighborhood squid letting you know he's thinking about ALL of you back there.