Thursday, October 11, 2007

Everything and Nothing

I FINALLY have my ring back. I swear I was without it almost as long as I was with it. It feels strange all over again. I was just getting used to the damn thing! Also, it’s official… I have the world’s teeniest fingers. We had the ring re-sized to a 4.25 and it still slides easily over my knuckle! But it fits WAY better y’all. I no longer am afraid to wash my hands for fear it might go sliding down the drain and I doubt I could fling it across a bar now, much to TheBoy’s relief I’m sure.

I think TheBoy and I are going to try and get a little engagement celebration time in this weekend because even though we’ve been engaged almost a month I still can not seem to bring myself to be properly excited about it. I even had the full on girl freak out cry fest in the car on the way home yesterday evening. Poor guy. It just seems like with all of my other friends who have gotten married there were lots of excitement and parties and congratulations and so on and with us… its more like, “oh, great news, about time” and that’s it.

And the worst part is that I totally get it! Because I sort of feel the same you know? It’s not like we sit at home and giggle to ourselves because we’re SO EXCITED we’re engaged. It’s more like something that was missing has finally snapped into place. But I guess deep down in some previously unacknowledged place I really would like to have some excitement and congratulations and parties. Because it just doesn’t feel… real. I guess. Anyway, maybe I’ll feel better once TheBoy and I have had a little mini-celebration. I certainly feel better now that I have my ring back! :D


Melina said...

No, it's not fair if everyone doesn't jump up and down for you. They better jump! I'm jumping!

Michele said...

You know I am excited for you! I am just not there to celebrate.

You 2 also kinda did things in such an order that it wasn't a surprise for you, or anyone else.

Anna said...

I know what you mean, and if it helps at all, there's a girl in PA who is SOOO EXCITED!!!! for you! For reals!

And, also, it's been my experience that celebrations always help.

Anonymous said...

you wear a size 4 ring? holy cow that's insanely small. you are a freak! lol.

i wish i could come to your engagement party. but i'll be there in spirit.