Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Thank God that’s over!

I have officially been married for FIVE WHOLE DAYS and so far so good! :D

TheBoy and I went up to Tahoe a little early and hung out for a day so we could relax before all the craziness began. Since practically the entire state of California is on fire it was pretty smoky up there! At the rehearsal dinner we were literally like 10 feet from the lake and could barely see the water at some points! But luckily for us the wind shifted or something and it was clear and beautiful on the lake for our wedding Friday. Maybe that whole saying about weather always cooperating with brides is true. At TheBoy’s brother’s wedding a few years ago it was cold and foggy all morning and then about an hour before the wedding the sun came out and shined on them through the entire ceremony!

Yes, Shawn, there will be pictures (also... ahem... blog!). Once I get the DVD thingy from the photographer I’ll post one or two. Sadly I pretty much hate all the pictures but as a wise friend pointed out, both TheBoy and I hate having our pictures taken in the first place so we were sort of doomed from the start. That, combined with the fact that I hated my dress, and it didn’t fit right and I’ve gained about 20 pounds in the last year due to stress alone… Really the whole picture thing was destined for disaster. And seriously? If one person comments on here anything along the lines of “all brides are beautiful” I might vomit. That’s like saying all babies are cute. People say it but we all know deep down that some kids are just plain funny looking.

The rehearsal dinner was awesome. A majority of our guests were already in Tahoe so we got to party with everyone two nights in a row! I do love a good party. TheBoy and I did discover one downside to being the bride and groom however. Everyone wants to drink with you! I think I literally had about 20 drinks. At some point in the evening TheBoy’s brother started following me around, taking drinks from my hand, and in one notable incident, talking me down from the ledge that would have been my umpteenth tequila shot. He made a valid point that I wouldn’t want to be hung over for the wedding the next day… Sadly I think he was already two or three drinks too late at that point! But it was a noble effort none the less.

Despite being more hung over than I’ve been in YEARS the actual day of the wedding was awesome. Very relaxing and low key. After having our hairs done, the girls and my mom and I returned to the hotel where an also hung over TheBoy went and got me some greasy Chinese food and we sat down at the pool for a couple hours with some people before we had to all go start getting ready. No one got boat sick that I know of and I only tripped twice (once I had a little help from TheBoy who stepped on the back of my dress!) so I would say the wedding went off without a hitch. And even though I was SURE I wouldn’t need water-proof mascara because I was SURE I wouldn’t cry, I’m glad I bought some anyway because I could barely get my vows out! Also? Whose idea is it for brides to carry flowers? My hands were trembling so badly I had to push the whole bouquet into my stomach to stop it from shaking! Always a good look.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back and I’m happy that things can now start getting back to normal and I can focus on other areas of my life now that the whole wedding planning thing is behind me. It’s amazing how many things fall through the cracks when you have to focus on a wedding. As calm and relaxed as I was there were still a lot of things I had to focus on. I can’t imagine how those bridezillas keep their sanity! It was a fun party and we had a good group of guests. Aside from a few small dramas everything went as well as I could have hopped for!

And I am SO EXCITED to finally be married!


Charmaine said...

Congrats Tiffany!

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Congrats Pookie!