Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Packing, the dentist and a meme... Merry Christmas to me!

In some sort of weird universal "screw you" to myself, not only am I newly single and planning on moving 3 days after Christmas, I also will be having some dental surgery a few days BEFORE Christmas...  Because, life isn't interesting/stressful enough as it is?  Needless to say it's beginning to look a lot like nothing over here.  Bah freaking humbug.  At least my parents are home from Kansas!

I did see a cute meme going around the internets so...  in the absence of any real content here I'll leave you with this!

I am currently:

Obsessed with...  new sheets, towels, bedding, etc for my new apartment.  After 12 years I really want a new clean slate.  I'm buying everything in bright crazy girlie colors too - yellow, pink, teal...  It's going to look like Barbie's Malibu beach house in there when I'm done.

Reading...  I actually just finished The Scorned Wife: Slightly Bitter Never Broken. A Memoir of Love, Betrayal and Laughter by Elle Zober.  I've been reading her blog since her for sale by owner real estate sign went viral on FB a few months back.  Fabulous read!  I'm currently still reading both the biography of Ben Franklin and the newest Diana Gabaldon novella to become available via kindle.  I seriously love my kindle.

Looking forward to...  being done with the big move!  Ugh.

Fashion obsessed with...  boots!  I've been a big fan of the cowboy boot for ages (as any RL friend of Tiffy could tell you) but recently I've expanded to all sorts of boots, riding boots, motorcycle boots, slouchy suede boots... 

Listening to...  Probably another non-surprise here but I'm listening to a lot of Pink on repeat these days.  LOL  I'm seriously NOT listening to any type of Christmas music.  Maybe next year?

Thinking about...  what exactly life will be like to be single and living alone for the first time in a dozen years or so.  I'm kind of nervous and excited at the same time.  Also, dating?  So, so flipping scary.

Wearing...  sweaters, leggings and boots.  Unless I have to go to work.  It's sort of my new divorcee uniform.

Planning...  a vacation.  Somewhere warm.  With a few girlfriends?  It's in the planning infancy stages but definitely on the agenda.

Realizing...  I'm going to be ok.


Michele said...

Barbie's Malibu Beach house eh? Can't wait to check that out! :)

Anonymous said...

You may want to consider changing the picture of your avatar?

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