Monday, May 16, 2005

Stupid Spiders!

Have you ever known someone that always has the unfortunate things happening to them? Well that's me. 20 marathoners run down the street, 1 person manages to step on a metal grate at just the right spot and ends up on her ass, that's me... I always choose the one stall in the ladies room that's out of TP, every time I buy anything glass that requires transporting for a further distance than 10 feet it winds up broken and at an outdoor event it never fails that if someone gets stung by a bee, it's me. Truly unfortunate but hey I'm used to it.

So, apparently my oh-so-charming apartment (I'll save the rant about the apartment for another day) has spiders. Spiders that lurk in my bed and gnaw on my feet while sleeping. Of course they don't move over 6 inches and gnaw on the boy... No of course not because these things only happen to me. And of course I didn't get just one bite... No, I got five... Four on one foot and one on the other. Yea me! Now suffice it to say that I am allergic to spider bites. I know, I know, EVERYONE is allergic to spider bites... That's why they itch. Right. I'm more allergic than that. When I get bit instead of small little pink bites that itch I get massive half-dollar size welts that burn. But this is my life and I've gotten used to it.

What I have not gotten used to is the fact that apparently you can get bacterial infections in spider bites. Yap. Pretty rare but lucky me... They do happen. And I got one (of course). Spiders being the sanitary creatures that you imagine they are... So now I have half dollar size welts that burn AND are black, forming blisters and spreading! You know what happens to you when you have a bacterial infection in spider bites? You get shots. 2 shots actually. Fantastic. And the nurse says to me as she's prepping the shots, "these can make some people swell a little". Great. Well I don't know what her definition is of "a little" but about an hour after the shots my feet are gi-normous! Lucky me.

Needless to say, I skipped my marathon training run (the Dr. looked at me like I was seriously the most daft person she had ever met when I asked if I could still go), skipped the weekend of back-packing and stayed at home icing my feet all weekend. What a terrific way to spend a sunny weekend...

BUT... I did miss out on the swarm of mosquitoes that attacked the boy and our friends while back-packing! Thank God for small miracles!

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