Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What's in a name?

I'm sure you are all dying to know (or maybe it's that I'm dying to tell the story...) of how someone as obviously exciting as yours truly got the title of "the boring one".

Let me preface this story by saying that I have two girlfriends who are insanely into make-up. We're not talking trying the new spring colors into, I'm talking buying the entire product line of a particular brand into... Suffice it to say that, well, I'm not. Not to say that I'm a slob who completely lacks any ability to "define my best features", I'm just... well... I think I know what works for me so why mess with it?

I'm still not quite sure what possessed me to agree to attend a workshop (given at "the" make-up store)... It was either just that I wanted to hang out with my friend or that I had some momentary need for change, you pick. But never the less I find myself in a make-up store (not a counter like at the department stores but an honest to goodness whole store of one kind of makeup) listening to quite possibly the most fabulously attractive man ever teach me how to make "smoky smudgy eyes".

I might add that this very attractive man 1) greeted my friend by name with a huge hug and a comment on the new stuff he had been "meaning to call her about", 2) asked about our other equally make-up obsessed friend by name and 3) knew more about women's make-up than I could ever have thought there was to know! *sigh*

I actually think I did quite well in the class... I did look mildly like I had two giant black eyes (only they were green) but I was assured that it looked fabulous and was really much more of a night look anyway (this being 5:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday). So what the hell, maybe I'll buy the stuff to attempt this at home (which by the way, I have done, exactly twice, with not even close to the same results I had the day of the class, but that's a separate story all together).

So I'm standing there with this little list in hand to purchase make-up with odd names (what ever happened to plain old eye-shadow??) when the afore-mentioned fabulously attractive man comes over to help...

FAM: Did you have fun today? (As he starts looking at my list)

Me: Sure... But this isn't really my speed...

FAM: What kinds of make-up do you normally wear?

Me: Well you know, browns and natural shades mainly by Bobbi Brown and stuff...

FAM: Oh (with a look that implies pre-existing knowledge of me gained through my friends and a sort of apologetic, yet smug smile...) you must be "the boring friend"...


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