Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I know this isn’t a political blog…

But I like these guys!

In case you don’t want to click the link it’s basically an initiative that some people are trying to get on the ballot in Washington State that would require that couples prove they are fertile prior to obtaining a marriage license and require them to have at least one child within three years of their marriage. Otherwise their marriage would be declared invalid and would be annulled.

I think this is a great response to that argument that same sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to marry because the purpose of marriage is to have children and they can not. Hopefully they can see how ridiculous it sounds now that someone has applied it to all couples and all marriages. Would you really annul the marriage of a couple who is barren? A conservative, church going couple even?


Also, Hi! I know I’ve been ignoring things over here lately but things are hectic! Mainly its school but there are a few other things… More details when I can share them I promise!

I have been writing a bit but nothing feels… finished. I promise to post again soon. I miss you guys!


Goat said...

and we miss you too!!!

As for the post, well I'll probably stick my foot in my mouth yet again but... What is it about marriage that 'same sex' couples want so bad? Is it the tax, legal benefits, etc. or is it just something they want to have like women that fight to get into a 'all male' school but then have a hissy fit when a male tries to get into a 'all female' school?

I don't know...this is one of those topics that I can argue with myself and cover both sides. I'm all for people being able to continue to funding the children of all the divorce lawyers out there and adding same-sex couples to the mix will just make them richer. But at the same time a "wedding" is just a ceremony that many religions use to bond people together in accordance with their belief. You still have to go to the court house to get legally bonded together right? Most religions don't believe in same-sex couples since per their beliefs it's a sin... Is it wrong to believe in something? This bit they're tying to get on the ballot in Washington State is a joke that is just going to piss off more people and unfortunately it seems that that is all we do now days. We never solve any issues, we just entrench ourselves on the left and the right. That and make the lawyers richer.

I think I've said it before but there are too many polarized people in our society, just look at congress over the last 20+ years, nothing gets done up there because it's right against left and left against right. We used to be a country of values, I don't think we are anymore and usually once a country loses it's values it's the start of the end.

blah blah blah blah.... Sorry, jumping off the soapbox, open mouth WIDE and insert both feet.

Tiffany said...

I think marriage is a binding together of two people who become family. They take care of each other and look after each other... You'd think the government would support this since it takes some of the burden off of them if more people are depending on each other. Anyway, that's a whole seperate argument.

I guess I just wish that people would stop using all these lame excuses for why they are keeping same sex marriage illegal... None of them touch on the real issue and that is that they just don't like it. Well I have news for them - I don't like lots of things but I'm not descriminating against people because of it.

The question to ask is how does it affect you (the royal you) personally if two men or two women get married? What impact would it have on your life? I find it hard to believe that people are concerned about the state of their souls and if that were to be the case there are numerous prisons full of people that they'd be better off spending their time on.

Goat said...

See this is why topics like this drive me crazy because you are right, it wouldn't effect "me" at all. I'm all for same-sex couples having all the legal joys they want I just think they're going about it the wrong way. The human race has killed countless millions over religion and unfortunately that isn't going to change anytime soon; politics and religion probably rank one and two as the fastest way to push someone's buttons.

Meh...this isn't the place for these topics. You need to bring yourself out here and visit my sister so that you and I can enjoy a few beverages and have some friendly debate. :) I hope you and TheBoy had a wonderful Valentines Day.

ciao Tiff!

Anonymous said...

miss you too, sweetie! but glad that school is taking the priority. good work.

Michele said...

She lives!

Anna said...

It's been over a month since your last post! Where are you? Don't make me track you down on myspace! :)