Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thoughts on Child Birth

You know how they say that women forget the pain of labor and child birth after awhile as part of a natural reflex that keeps them wanting to have more children? I always thought that was a load of crap personally. I have a friend whose own experience with birth was so painful and traumatic that it has permanently ensured that her adorable four year old daughter is destined to remain an only child. This from a woman who SWORE she wanted at least two. FOUR YEARS LATER PEOPLE and she has not forgotten.

But today as I’m hobbling around after having done approximately 643 million squats at boot camp in the past two days I’m starting to think that maybe somewhere in my brain I somehow blocked the memory of how painful the first week of boot camp was! Because I KNOW I was at least this out of shape the first go around… And I vaguely recall being made fun of as I limped around the office and whined about climbing up and down the stairs… But seriously! Where were these memories when I was all warm and fuzzy and thinking happy thoughts about signing back up?

Darwin was on to something y’all…

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Goat said...

Tiff you always have been rather easy on the eyes, even when limping. ;) I think what blocked out the sore feeling you have now is the feeling you had after a few weeks of boot camp and you were happy with the changes you saw taking place in the mirror. It's all about you and being happy with yourself, inside and out.

Getting into a routine is the hardest part especially for me but once you're into it....well you know how that goes because you've been there. Just remember you're doing this for yourself, not for anyone else!