Friday, May 18, 2007


I just have to put these thoughts out… someplace. Lucky you! Please feel free to disregard this entire post if you’d like.

I just had lunch with a friend who on Monday of this week broke up with her boyfriend of four years because he was not prepared to move their relationship to the next level (ie: marriage). A few weeks prior to this she had moved out of the house they have lived in together for most of those last four years and put in an offer on a brand new home which she will move into sometime in September.

She seemed sad, it being difficult to break up with someone who you really aren’t angry with, only hurt that you can’t seem to come to terms about the status of your relationship and its future. But overall she seemed at peace with her decision, even optimistic at times.


Goat said...

In an obvious attempt to change for even a brief moment the place I'm pretty sure your thoughts are dwelling.... I heard Christmas might be coming to a couple of Cheese House* lovers in June this year! Very nice way to split up the year!!

* Sorry Dittmer's but the results of a recent poll show that the winner of the 'most tasty sandwich' title still belongs to The Cheese House. It's all about the spread!!


Michele said...

Sometimes it is just a relief to no longer have to fight.

It is very sad to break up with someone you still love, but if you don't want the same things, that's pretty huge isn't it?

Kate said...

sometimes the hardest decisions we make are the only choices we have.