Friday, January 04, 2008

I am a terrible blogger.

I know this. And I would use the excuse that things are hectic around the holidays but I know it’s no good since many of my favorite bloggers ALSO were busy during the holidays and yet they all managed to put up some posts. What can I say?

"Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am a bad blogger. Forgive me for I have sinned. It has been one month since my last post."

Ha! Aren't you glad you're reading this? Ahem.

On the wedding front I finally decided to pull my head out of the sand and get some planning done… Save-the-Date cards have been ordered and should arrive early next week. Guest list is intact for the most part. I have my dress. The girls have their dresses (or have ordered them at least). I have been playing phone tag with a couple photographers. I have a consultation call scheduled for flowers. TheBoy and I ordered the knife we are cutting the cake with.

What is left on the list? Deciding on decorations, choosing the Hawaiian shirts for the guys, buying TheBoy a new suit, invitations, catering, music, honeymoon and… I’m sure about 52 million other things I haven’t thought of yet. This wedding business is really stressful y’all! I thought I would love it since it’s basically just a big party and I LOVE throwing parties but… no. I do enjoy sticking it to the wedding industry as a whole though. :D I didn’t buy a “wedding” dress, the girls are not wearing “bridesmaid” dresses, and so on. Seriously, if something has the words “wedding” or “bridal” attached to it the prices go up 10x!

Also, in the midst of the largest storm to hit CA in several years TheBoy and I scrapped our plans for a mini-vacay/road-trip over his birthday weekend and impulsively booked a trip to Mexico instead. That’s right. This time next week I will be lying on the beach, drinking a cocktail with a cute umbrella in it. Most importantly I will be warm. I really hate winter y’all. I think there might really be something to that whole seasonal depression thing. I’m just saying.


Michele said...

She lives!

Not that I should talk, I have been less than a model blogger.

I am so jealous of your vacation! It will be a much needed break from wedding planning. Once you get all the big stuff taken care of (caterers, flowers, invites) the worst will be behind you.

KT said...

wish i were closer by to help with all the wedding hoopla. so glad you're off to mexico cuz you so need to destress. you deserve it, tiffy. enjoy!