Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wedding Planning Update

I think I am finally getting into the swing of this whole wedding thing… I’ve accomplished more in the last month than I have in the 4 months or so we’ve been engaged!

Save The Date cards printed and mailed – check

Flowers decided on and ordered – check

Wedding dress purchased – check

Bridesmaids’ dresses purchased – check, check

Photographers met with = 2

Photography contract signed – check

Caterers spoken to over the phone / e-mail = 3

Caterers I’m planning on meeting with in February = 2

Shoes purchased for wedding dress – check (with the added caveat I might find another pair I like more – I reserve that right since I have a minor obsession with shoes)

Stores registered at = 3 (this is a work in progress)

Hotels contacted about group rates for guests = 3

Hotels actually giving us a group rate = 1

Wedding website up and running – check

Wedding cakes sampled (courtesy of my soon to be MIL) – check (also, yum!)

That doesn’t even include the things we’re still working on including the Hawaiian shirts for the groomsmen and a new suit for TheBoy. Areas yet to be tackled include the honeymoon, the timing of which depends greatly on another wedding we are attending in the fall. But all in all I’m happy with my progress.


Michele said...

woo woo you are making GREAT progress!

Melina said...

good work!! It's easier than it seems right?

Island Girl said...

You should be thrilled with the progress!!! Great Job!!! Getting sooner .. so Excited!!!