Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1 day down…

364 more to go!

Goodbye to 2006 (I hope the door smacked you on the A$$ on the way out) and a warm southern welcome to 2007! Y’all I already FEEL different. It’s going to be a good year… I can tell. I hope like hell I didn’t just jinx myself by writing that.

Because TheBoy has SUCH a stellar job and had to work yesterday on New Year’s Day, we found ourselves having quite the toned-down amateur night. Which really, truth be told, was fine by me with one notable exception and that was the lack of any of my girlfriends! Thank God for cell phones! But you have to love a party that requires the wearing of pajamas right?

One of the things we did at our little New Year’s get together was make a list of 10 things we’d like to improve in ourselves or accomplish in 2007. Then one guest took these lists and is going to mail them to us in December. Scary huh? In totally unlike me character I actually had a hard time filling the list with 10 items. I can’t even remember what all 10 things I wrote down were but I do know it contained such exciting items such as:

1 ~ remember to remove make-up and wash face before bed every night. (I am notoriously bad at doing this!)

2 ~ floss more regularly. (My dentist put the fear of God into me a couple years ago when I had to have oral surgery and I was pretty good about flossing… for about a year. Really need to get back in to the habit!)

So really you can see that my heart was totally in to writing down resolutions at 10 pm at night on New Year’s Eve after a couple martinis… :D I think I did get better at some point because I do recall listing things like:

3 ~ continue to pay-off debt on schedule set up. (Yes I do have a schedule set up – I just signed up to have a ginormous student loan so I figure I should debt free when that bad boy hits 6 months after graduation right?)

4 ~ pay for things with cash. no cash = no buying. bring lunches from home, curtail eating dinner out so much, less going out for drinks, etc…

5 ~ continue saving for house (even if I never buy the damn thing).

6 ~ focus on school work as main priority on evenings and weekends. remind self, “friends WILL understand”.

And also, because this is ME we’re talking about here… You know there had to be a few exercise related resolutions right? Actually, I only could come up with 2 which is shocking… They are:

7 ~ yoga 3 times a week.

8 ~ running again (half marathon with Dawn in September?) and crossing training (stair machine of death) for backpacking / hiking trips.

Right. So I had 8. I was left with 2 little empty blanks staring at me from that stupid piece of paper screaming “you love lists!” and “fill me!” It was painful y’all. Truly painful. To be honest I can’t even remember what I wrote down… Something about being the most “positive and enthusiastic person I know” maybe? I seem to always throw that one in. I should have put one on there about being a better blogger. THAT would have been useful!

I can honestly say that 38 hours in to 2007 I’m doing pretty well on keeping up the resolutions. What do I have? Something like 8,700 hours to go? I think I’m up for it! I hope you all had wonderful holiday seasons and are enjoying the opening days of 2007.


kate said...

lol. good luck tiffy.

Michele said...

Want to do the disneyland half marathon?

Liz said...

Your friends will understand when you say, "hey I got school work to do." We want to support you and have you succeed.

Tiffany said...

Michele - YES! And Ryan's sister Dawn is interested too! Registration opens in 5 days...

Liz said...

I will fly down and cheer you guys on- Unless of course Stitch and I are hanging out.

Laurie said...

I'm proud of you for keeping your resolutions for 38 hours (although it's probably more like 120 hours now). I can't even keep mine for a day. True story: One time, I resolved to quit smoking at midnight. An HOUR LATER I lit up. If that's not discipline, I don't know what is. :) Good luck!