Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Random Crap

There is nothing on the planet that can make you feel like there is something out there larger than yourself than ultrasound pictures it seems. This evening I found myself squinting at blurry images of something (someone) that resembles nothing so much as an odd tadpole. Looking up into the proud faces of the parents and seeing my own look of wonder tinged with disbelief reflected there I felt closer to God than I have in years. Something about new life and second chances and innocence…

Yesterday was a day for celebration – I successfully completed my first class back in school. I don’t have my grade yet but I feel like I did well. Even though I thought about quitting, and felt like I was in over my head, I stuck it out and finished. One class down – Nineteen to go. Eeek.

Today I started class number two. This one will be a little different I can tell already. I have a paper due every week for starters… But at least there are already two familiar names (can’t really say faces in an online class now can you?) and the professor seems very direct in his approach which I like.

Apparently it takes three times as much electricity as it does gas to produce the same or less heat in my apartment. Three times the electricity costs roughly 50% more than the gas. And here we thought we were going to save money on our exorbitant PG&E bill by not using our ancient gas heater and using electric space heaters. This means I’ve been freezing my butt off all month not only for nothing, but to pay 50% more than last month’s bill. Awesome!

No one likes to feel like they mean nothing, like their opinions don’t matter, like no one would care if they weren’t around. And yet, this seems to be a recurring theme around Chez Ghetto these days. Whether it’s work and management woes or birthdays we’re definitely throwing a pity party. Guest list total = 2.

Another cause for celebration? I have thus far, successfully avoided catching the nasty flu bug that TheBoy brought home from bowling last week! I know this is probably not exciting news to anyone but me… But if y’all had seen the poor soul, all feverish and miserable, on his birthday no less, you’d be congratulating me too.


Michele said...

Yay! You finished your class! Before you know it you will be crossing the half way mark and then the finish line! I'll be here cheering for you all the way.

Oh...and I'd be congratulating myself too had I been the one not to get sick. This cough is killing me!

Anonymous said...

congrats on going back to school. i'm proud of you.

Liz said...

You can join my pity party, guest list total= 1.5 ( I am counting the cat, its all I got), anytime you want.

good for you on school!! Like Michele said in no time at all you will be more than 50% done.

Sorry to hear about the heating bill, mine was more than usual too due to the frigid temps that CA isn't suppose to reach.