Monday, October 20, 2008

Pros and Cons

On one hand I could take a job that I think I could truly love, in an industry I have been dying to get into. I could meet new people, try new recipes, and get my creative marketing mojo working. I could have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

On the other hand I could stay home and collect unemployment while I look for something more suitable to my experience. Unemployment which remarkably would pay me MORE than this new job. For doing nothing. Where I could sit at home and job hunt and think of things to blog about here and read novels and try not to go slowly insane.

On one hand I could be making a little bit of money but have the potential to be happy. On the other I could "make" a little bit more money and continue to be miserable. All on the off chance that I would find something that wouldn't make me want to chew on paint chips but would pay a little better.

Is this really a choice? I'm struggling with it because the money is considerably less than I thought it would be, even when I was being honest with myself about how I'd be starting from the bottom again. But now that I've seen it in writing...

I know I've said before that money isn't everything. Lord knows I've made a lot of money and been miserable, and made a little money and been happy. But this whole grown up thing with a mortgage and responsibilities is... HARD!

Excuse me though, I have a call to make.


Michele said...

I know it is tough - I think if you can swing it - even if it means making some sacrifices you should go for it. You will kick yourself later if you don't. You already gave up one dream job because of the money.

Goat said...

Ditto to what my sister said. Staying at home looking for work really sucks and the longer you do it, the more it sucks you into a bad place. Take the chance on being happy and go for it!