Monday, March 02, 2009


I don't know about the rest of you but I am positively addicted to Post Secret. I love how people are so honest and wonderful there. Most of the time I am just jealous that they have the courage to post their secrets for all the world to see, even if it is anonymously. This particular postcard caught my eye today:

My secret is that I also used to go hang out in the nurses office to get away from feeling so lonely in school. Sadly instead of a friend and ally in the nurse all I got was pulled out of classes and interviewed repeatedly by the dean and then the principle about my "eating disorder". It almost cost me my chance at making the cheer leading squad my Junior year in High School.

Thanks anyway nurse.


Anonymous said...

i ate lunch in the library every day because i had nno friends. :(

Kitty #8 said...

awe Tiffy, I remember that...they accused me of a eating disorder too! The only thing wrong with me was a dairy allergy & being a bit of a late bloomer! Dumb high school.