Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday randomness

Y’all. I am broke. The combination of taxes and property taxes and that silly little party we’re having over the summer has effectively drained even the “rainy day” fund. Things have gotten so bad that I have been out of conditioner for my hair for 3 days! My answer to this predicament is to wash hair less and wear lots of ponytails. I also am out of the make-up that I use. Granted it isn’t cheap make-up but 1) I have been out for a month or more and 2) I pretty much buy everything else at the drug store so I feel okay about that. You know what I’ve noticed? The closer you get to 30 the fewer days there are that you can get away without wearing make-up. I’ve been asked repeatedly over the past several weeks if I am sick again or if I am not sleeping well. Touché.

But! You know what I am going to do tonight? I’m going to get my hair cut and colored. Whee! I am justifying this for a couple reasons, my hairdresser (whom I have been going to since I was like 12) accepts checks and will hold them for me until the next pay day and also I am going to be having my pictures taken A LOT in the next two weeks so I NEED cute hair. Ahem. Check in next week to see me rationalize a new outfit to wear to my engagement photo session! Who needs conditioner?

Also, I read this story the other week that was all about how if you are trying to go organic but don’t have the millions of dollars required to do it completely what the best fruits and veggies to buy organic are. So since I have been trying to go organic as much as possible but I am also broke (see above two paragraphs) I totally read every word of this article and the accompanying advice on what to do if you CAN’T buy organic for one of the fruits and veggies they mentioned.

Fast forward to a few minutes ago when a co-worker of mine walked into the kitchen to see me scrubbing down my apple with soap and hot water. I am now officially the crazy diet lady. Okay and two things, apples taste funny warm (unless they are in pie of course) and I’m not sure what is worse for me, soap residue (though you know I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed some more) or the pesticides.

I never promised you guys normal.


Michele said...

Hey Crazy lady, I do believe they buy a special product for washing your fruits and veggie. Maybe won't have that soapy after taste!

Anonymous said...

oh we know you're not normal but that's why we love you. lol.

Liz said...

How else am I suppose to look normal by comparision ;) We love you wierd fruit washing quirks and all.

Melina said...

How'd the cut and color go??