Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stories from the workplace

Okay I totally had another post I was going to write today but I just had to share the conversation I just had with two co-workers outside the ladies room. One of them (the girl) had straightened her hair today and as she normally wears it curly I commented on how cute it was. The other one (the boy) said to me, “Crazy you’ve been replaced!” I thought clearly I had not had enough coffee to follow where he was going with this so I just sort of gave him a puzzled look. He continued, “well you USED to have the best hair in the office,” with a pointed look at the pony tail I have been sporting for weeks.

Well I never!

I just responded with a snarky eyebrow raise and said “well I used to rent an apartment 15 minutes from the office and spend an hour getting ready. Now I own a house an hour from the office (or two or three) and I spend 15 minutes getting ready. Sometimes you need priorities.” I’m not sure that was the right comeback for that sort of back handed insult but the girl whose hair I complimented gave me a huge smile and a thumbs up behind the guy’s back as I turned to go.

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