Thursday, May 08, 2008

Now with 25% more creativity!

**Update: I know I didn't actually post a PHOTO down there of the invite. I was going to but thought it might not be smart to have ALL my personal info out there for the world to see. You know? Anywho, Michele is stellar once again and sent me a picture of it with the personal stuff blurred out. Go check it out! She's amazing!

Occasionally I will get these crazy ideas at work in which I will try to convince myself that I actually have a FUN and EXCITING marketing job and not a completely dull and boring one. (One that I won’t detail here because, hello, Dooce?) When one of these ideas strikes I am full of excitement and plan making and research. However, at some point during this process I will be reminded that while it is fun to come up with these ideas, sometimes the implementation of them is tedious. This is how I found myself this afternoon literally skipping across the street in my joy to finally be ridding myself of the smell of mint forever. Y’all, I may NEVER eat anything mint flavored again! And don’t even get me started on microwave popcorn. I’m just saying is all.

On the note of creativity, do you know who IS totally creative and artsy and stuff? Michele! She so very kindly offered to help me with the design of my wedding invitations. And by “help” I mean take a completely vague notion I had of using a sailor’s knot (since we’re “tying the knot” aboard a boat ~ get it? Ha!) and just ran with the whole thing including colors and covers and used really small words to help my dumb ass figure out wording and everything! I am in eager anticipation to receive the completed invites tomorrow. AND because Michele is not only creative and fun and a very, very good friend, she ALSO takes photos with her camera and actually sends them to people with her convenient download cable unlike other people (*cough *cough) who just hordes all the pictures on her camera forever and ever amen.

So when I said “wouldn’t it be neat if we had a knot of some kind on our invitation cause of the whole boat thing?” She said sure! And came up with this:

And this is what the folder looks like when it is closed:

And the pdf of the knot details close up. Cause I think it is amazing how it all turned out.

And y’all? I totally think she should look into doing this as a side job or for a living or something. Lord knows if I had an ounce of the creativity she has with this stuff I’d be doing that from the comfort of my own home (and in jeans!) and not doing, erhm…, what I am doing now. I’m just saying is all.


Liz said...

I agree Michele should totally have an Invitation company!!!!

Anonymous said...

you're getting hitched on a boat? how freaking awesome is that!!! love it. sounds perfect. and the invite is pretty snazzy too.

Michele said...

Aww a post just for me!

Liz, Lol maybe that'll be my next job :).

Melina said...

The invitation's gorgeous! Great work Michele! I can't believe you're getting married on a boat and I'm not invited :)