Saturday, May 24, 2008

The worst

People keep telling me that the first year of homeownership is hard. I'm trying to take that wisdom and run with it but let me tell you I'm not sure I would have done it if I had known in advance just HOW hard it was going to be. We have officially owned this home for nine months. In that nine months I have seen a more than 2/3 decrease in my income, I've spent roughly 4 hours a day 5 days a week sitting on my ass in traffic, I've felt more lonely than I have in my entire life and now on top of it all our home was broken into last week and they made off with pretty much everything valuable we owned. At this rate I am not sure we will survive the remaining 3 months in our first year.

We're still reeling from the shock and total feeling of violation that accompanies having someone riffling through your things. We've had the house re-keyed, the alarm installed and upgraded, we've had to put credit fraud alerts out with any and everyone and we're (hopefully) getting a dog soon. I've lost all of my jewelry, except for a few cheap-y things the thief apparently didn't want AND I've lost my wedding rings - 5 weeks before the big day. TheBoy lost both groomsmen gifts he's received from being the best man in two of his friend's weddings, things like that that you can't replace. And of course the insurance company is raking us over the coals and refusing to pay for most of the things. WHY do we pay these people money every month or year? They certainly don't seem inclined to help us AT ALL. In fact they seem determined to make an already miserable experience even worse.

But on the bright side, no one was injured. We still have our health, though that sounds hallow even to my ears. The wedding will go on, without wedding bands, but luckily it doesn't take rings to make a marriage. Here's to hoping the next 3 months go by more smoothly than the preceding 9. In the meantime please send good thoughts our way. And wine - I'm not sure there is enough wine in the world to make the next 5 weeks / 3 months go by fast enough but Lordy you better believe I am trying! I'll either make it through this relatively sane or I'll be checking into rehab in the fall. One of the two.


Michele said...

Awww. I am sorry you have had such a rough year. Miss you.

Melina said...

so sorry, homeownership does get easier and better, I promise. I'm so sorry that your house was broken into, don't back down from the insurance companies, get what you paid for!

Hank said...

Wow. That really sucks. When we bought our house, it was all love-and-kisses because we no longer had to deal with parking.

A break-in in your first year? That's just wrong.

I got to you from Melina's site.