Friday, January 21, 2011

30 Days of Truth - Day 4

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

“Always forgive, but never forget.” – Rootz Underground

Y’all. I am sort of ashamed to admit this. Turns out? I totally hold grudges. I didn’t completely realize it before now… It seems that even though I am able to forgive people for things that hurt me (and I am the QUEEN of seeing it from the other side and justifying people’s actions) it somehow irreparably changes the way I feel about said person. I guess that’s the “never forget” part? But how can I go back to being friends in the same way with someone once I’ve seen how they can hurt me? When you allow someone into your life and give them enough of yourself that they can would you its sort of expected that they will never use those powers for evil right?

Of course the first person that popped in to my head when I read today’s prompt was the sperm donor, AKA my biological father. (My mom HATES when I call him sperm donor – so if you’re reading this – sorry Mama – love you!) But then I realized that I HAVE forgiven him. I’ve forgiven him for never being around because really, we moved around so much when I was younger and we never lived closer than four states away from where he has lived for as long as I can remember. And I know he has never made a TON of money and that regular travel by flight or car and across county is expensive. I’ve forgiven him for not making me more a priority in his life because I understand the man was trying to live a life out there! I KNOW all of these things and so, I am no longer angry with him and I’ve forgiven the pain he caused me growing up.

Except, now that he’s little more than a stranger I have no desire to include him in my life. We could not possibly be more different when it comes to the lives we lead and while he feels some right to judge me or try and change who I am because he is my “father” I feel like I’ve spent enough of my life justifying my beliefs and actions to people and I certainly don’t feel the need to justify them to this judgmental stranger. I wish I could just tell him to remember the good memories that we do have from when I was small. It’s enough for me, and that’s really how I want to remember him, and us. So while I’ve forgiven him, I can not forget and so we can not have a relationship.

And what about various boyfriends over the years with whom I’ve had falling outs, have I forgiven them? Of course I have, life is too short and I’ve clearly moved on and am planning on spending the rest of my life with the man who IS right for me so why waste energy being angry with the past. But. That doesn’t mean I want to be friends with any of them. One ex in particular was quite bent out of shape after having gotten back in touch with me a couple years after our break up when he discovered that I did not ever intend to have a friendship with him again. His arguments that we had been together for so long and had been such a large part of each others childhoods didn’t convince me. Because really, at the end, when he was cheating on me, and lying to me, and purposely trying to hurt me so that I would make it easier on him and break up with HIM, I saw a side of his personality that I can not forget. I told him that I wouldn’t be friends with ANYONE who behaved that way towards another human being and I certainly couldn’t imagine ever truly being friends with someone who behaved that way towards ME. Have I forgiven? Sure. I understand wanting to avoid a conflict and I understand feeling like you want to explore something when you’ve only known one thing your whole life. But I can not forget, so we can not be friends.

Same goes for girl friends. I can only think of one (very notable) exception where I still currently maintain a friendship with someone who hurt me. And it took years and tragedy and a lot of painfully honest conversations for us to build our friendship back. But it’s not the same friendship we had before because neither of us can forget the other’s actions. Instead, we’ve managed to move past them and, I would say, have built a stronger, more honest friendship in spite of past hurts. But like I said, she is the notable exception. Mainly I suppose its an unwillingness on my part to do the work required to repair a friendship that I feel has been broken unless I feel that the other party is equally willing to acknowledge the damage and work to rebuild. And that one time, with that one friend with whom I did rebuild? That shit was HARD! I’m glad I did it to be sure… But it took a lot of time and effort on both of our parts. So I guess it’s easier for me to just let people fade from my life after I’ve been hurt by them. Because while I can forgive, say abandoning me in the toughest, nastiest period of my life (because I didn’t specifically reach out to them) now that I’m on the other side I no longer feel the same about them. I could list millions of examples but I don’t want this to become something where people are reading it and wondering if I’m sending them veiled messages (if you think that – trust me I’m not) but I think I’ve made my point.

Unfortunately, even though I can forgive a multitude of things because I understand the other side (really, I do) I can not forget the way I feel or felt about it and so, we can not be friends. Always forgive because holding on to anger and hate only hurts you more. But never forget, because who is looking out for you if not yourself. Burn me once, right?


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