Wednesday, September 06, 2006

30 before the BIG 3 - 0

I sat down sometime after turning 20 and wrote a list of things I wanted to accomplish in the next decade. I then promptly lost that list. This is probably for the best as I'm sure I would have depressed myself to no end seeing how ambitious my 20 year old brain was. I'm almost certain it contained things like "graduate college" but also "go to law school" and most likely "get married".

I now present to you the NEW and IMPROVED "30 things to accomplish before 30" list. And only one of those things I mentioned above is still on this list. What can I say? I'm older, wiser and also much more realistic. I only have two and a half years to work with here people! Time to get cracking!

I'll check in and let y'all know when I accomplish stuff. Not that you care necessarily. But... You know, accountability and all that.


1) Get another* tattoo (or two)

2) Hike Half Dome in Yosemite

3) Run another** half marathon (or three)

4) Learn to ride a bike (well)

5) Train for and complete a triathlon (should work on #4 first eh?)

6) Buy a house

7) Pay off soul-sucking debt

8) Decide what I want to be when I grow up - something that inspires me

9) Move out of the Bay Area

10) See a Broadway show - on Broadway***

11) Finish college
(See? Still on the list!)

12) Volunteer for an organization I believe in

13) Get a dog

14) Learn to play tennis

15) Finally learn to line dance****

16) Take salsa dancing lessons

17) Travel alone

18) Take my mom on a trip somewhere - just the two of us

19) See the Grand Canyon

20) Go white water rafting

21) Travel to Italy

22) Go to Oktoberfest in Germany

23) Take more***** culinary classes
(I'm insatiable I tell you!)

24) Drive up the West Coast

25) Plan a trip away with my girls
(no boys allowed!)

26) See Burney Falls

27) Go to the driving range

28) Go back to visit Texas

29) Swim with dolphins

30) Work on a political campaign
(maybe my guy will win damn it!)

*Already have one. Would have been on the original list too so we could just call this one checked off but I want at least one more for sure so... It stays.

**Ran a half marathon last July. Also ran a full marathon in June of 2002 but don't think I'll do that again. Too much strain on the poor knees! Marathon running also would have been on the original list but I really want to do another half so again... It stays.

***I've seen loads of Broadway plays. But I want to go to the Great White Way. You know. Theater buff and all.

****I mean really. With lessons. Not just standing at the back of the dance floor staring at people's feet and trying not to get trampled.

*****I've taken classes at CCA through their weekend program and was accepted to the full time program which ideally I'd still LOVE to do but... Who knows. Right now I'd just settle for some more weekend or evening classes at Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma.

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Liz said...

I think this an awesome list. I am looking forward to helping you complete a few of these.