Thursday, August 09, 2012

Coffee Date (with wine)

You guys!  About 4 seconds after I hit publish on last week's coffee date post I realized...  I don't meet up with my IRL friends for coffee!  I meet them for wine!  Or vodka!  I mean really.  I'm a 30-something woman with no kids...  Its time to embrace my inner drunk.


If we were having drinks I'd tell you about how I think I am going to lose my mind if I don't get over this latest bout of insomnia, and fast.  I might tell you about how I did something a couple weekends back that I really regret and therefore can't seem to stop thinking about and obsessing over and how its keeping me awake at night.  I'd probably tell you that I'm just unhappy right now and I can't figure out how to change it and so that's keeping me up at night.  I would joke about how I've read several really good books since I've been keeping myself up at night.  I seriously love my kindle.  It is insomnia's best friend.

If we were having drinks I'd tell you about how excited I am to be going up to my sister-in-law's houseboat this weekend at Lake Shasta.  Its supposed to be roughly one million degrees so I don't really picture myself doing anything other than sitting on a raft in the water and applying massive amounts of sunscreen.  Which sounds like the perfect weekend really.  I'd probably also explain how we're getting TheHusband some new wheels and tires for his truck while we're up there.  I'm looking forward to seeing our friends while that all happens, which is to say, drinking cold beers in the shade with the wife while our husbands slave away jacking up trucks and generally getting sweaty in the heat.

If we were having drinks I'd tell you how I've discovered that having an active social life is directly counter-productive to weight loss/exercise.  I've been SUPER good about the eating better but...  I've been terrible at the no drinking Monday through Thursday and the keeping up with regular work outs.  This week alone I've missed two sessions with the trainer due to lack of sleep - Monday was plain old insomnia but this morning it was due to staying out way the hell too late celebrating a friend/co-worker's birthday last night (read: drinking).  I also haven't run at all since last Friday.  So while I've had a super fun week (wine tasting, lunch with friends, birthday happy hours) I now feel guilty about the slacking.  I'm hoping to get in a few miles tomorrow (another happy hour event with friends tonight) since I'm thinking lake lounging doesn't burn too many calories.  And this is why I'm a fat ass.

If we were having drinks I'd tell you about how I've started getting the organic produce box again once a week and LOVE! IT!  I used to get it years ago but stopped because we were trying to save money and it was hard to keep up with the amount of food we got without anything spoiling.  I decided to start it again because I really want us to spend more time eating at home because its healthier AND cheaper.  This week will be my 3rd box (it comes today - yay!) and I can't imagine how I lived without it!  Meals at our house are way more creative and much healthier than they have been in recent months.  Plus we've saved a ton of money in eating out over the last couple of weeks which is a massive plus in my book.

If we were having drinks I'd probably bore you to tears talking about how thrilled I am that pre-season NFL football begins this weekend.  You know I'll be listening to my 49ers take on the Vikings tomorrow night as we drive up north.  I am SO. FREAKING. EXCITED!  Its a good thing this is just a pre-season game because otherwise we'd have to leave after the game ended (because I insist on watching all the regular season games) and I hate driving in the middle of the night.  Sundays are not to be messed with in the Mooney household. 



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