Thursday, August 02, 2012

Coffee Date

Even though I have sorely neglected my own piece of the internets here, I have been keeping up with other people's blogs (and even have found a few new ones).  I guess I'm a better blog follower than blogger?  I just love reading people's stories and ideas.  Anyway, I can't find the origin of this particular thing but I noticed a few bloggers out there do this "coffee date" blog post every week...  The idea is to be able to get out lots of little things you would say to a friend over coffee but without the formality of a well thought out post.  Sounds like its right up my alley!


If we were out having coffee I'd tell you all about this new program I've been accepted into at the local community college.  Its an Enology and Viticulture program, which basically is fancy-pants lingo for the study of wine, wine making and so on.  I might bitch a little about how I have applied for this program THREE seperate times and every time I get accepted they set my registration date so flippin late that by the time I go in not only are ALL the classes full but all the wait lists are full also.  But then I'd be excited because I'm numbers 5 & 6 respectively on the wait lists for the two classes I'm trying to get in to and according to a couple friends who are in the program currently, the professors always let the wait listed folks in if they show up on the first day of class.  I might also mention that I'm just that tad bit nervous about going back to school...  Am I too old for this?

If we were having coffee I'd tell you about the job I *almost* got that I thought I really wanted but then decided I really didn't...  Its funny how people's priorities change over time right?  And how sometimes you don't even realize your priorities have changed until something smacks you upside the head to make you notice?  Five years ago this would have been my absolute dream job...  Today?  Not so much it seems.

If we were having coffee I'd tell you that I finally (!) wore high heels to work this week for the first time since spectacularly spraining my ankle in Mexico 9 weeks ago.  It was only one day but hey, baby steps right?  I'd probably brag about my 4-6 mile run/walks that I'd been adding to my training regime now that my ankle doesn't swell up painfully every night, in the hopes of shedding some of this extra "padding" on my belly.  I might also spend some time day dreaming about Mexico...  Though in my day dreams I wouldn't look pregnant.  Or like Shamu in a two-piece.

If we were having coffee I'd tell you about that time I decided that maybe, just maybe, I should go buy myself a pair of pants in the next bigger size, just to tide me over with something comfortable to wear while I'm in the midst of yet another great weight loss fight.  I may or may not mention that I actually ended up buying myself 3 pairs of pants (on sale though) that were 2 or 3 sizes bigger than anything else in my closet.  No wonder I feel like such a fat ass getting ready for work in the mornings!  Actually, on second thought, I probably would not share this story about the never-to-be-discussed larger size pants if we were at coffee...  No one likes to see a grown woman cry into her Americano.

If we were having coffee I'd want to hear all about what YOU'VE been up to!

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