Thursday, August 16, 2012


Oh man this week has been a doozy you guys.  I wish I could get everyone together and ACTUALLY drink wine and bitch about things...  Its therapeutic.  You know?  But this is fun, pretending, also.

Over a glass of wine I'd probably confess that I've become seriously obsessed with the music by Michael Kiwanuka.  Like, been on repeat constantly for the last few days, obsessed.  I read a few reviews about him after Outside Lands, which I did not go to but had several friends who attended and lots of bloggers I read went so it was ~almost~ like I was there.  But I digress.  YouTube this guy.  Right.  Now.  You're welcome.

If we were drinking wine I'd tell you how nervous I am to (possibly) be going back to school.  Seriously?  First day of school jitters?  At 33?  WTF.  I may or may not be planning to drag TheHusband to the campus over the weekend so I can get a lay out of the buildings and where exactly my classes are.  That way I won't feel like a complete moron wandering around in a rush on Monday.  Eeek.

When we got to the second glass of wine you'd probably notice that my head was someplace else and I'd finally be forced to spill the beans on the thing that has been all consuming for the last week...  Y'all.  TheHusband's job?  That contract he got until the end of the year, that could possibly turn in to something long term but even if not would help him get back in the work force and buy us some much needed financial breathing room?  Its ending.  Like, any day now could be his last day, company is going under, "go ahead and send your resume out and let us know if you need time off to interview" ending.  At this point we're not even sure he's going to get his last pay check (which was supposed to come yesterday).  And no, he doesn't qualify for any more unemployment.  I am so...

I'm so not up for talking about it yet.  I'm sorry guys.  Can I have some more of that wine?

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