Friday, March 17, 2006

Fun with Skee Ball! Or Liz is a Genius!

So after I dragged BestFriend Liz around all morning on Thursday (which also maybe was one of her well earned vacation days... which she never takes... thus why she was off work randomly in March... on a Thursday... but I digress) we decided that perhaps Mexican food and margaritas were in order.

Because y'all know. When I'm there Mexican food and margaritas are ALWAYS in order!


But after that we were totally at a loss for what to do. Only it had to be totally not related to weddings. And it had to involve drinking. You guys love us - you know you do.

And then. In a stroke of sheer brilliance, that reminded me in an instant why I love this woman so much, Liz turned to me with a grin on her face and said...

"We should go play Skee Ball!"

I should perhaps mention here that Skee Ball is my all-time favorite arcade game EVER! SO. FUN. Seriously y'all. You know that movie Dogma? When they've lost God (who is played by Alanis Morisette which I also love) and Morgan Freeman's character tells them to go look for her at the arcade playing Skee Ball cause it's her favorite?

Yeah. Skee Ball y'all. It's God's favorite game. I'm just saying.

Anywho... What was I saying? Oh yes. My best friend is awesome. So we played Skee Ball. Drank beer. Discovered a new trivia game at which Liz proceeded to kick my ass! There was much tomfoolery. And photos! Also, maybe beer. Because this is me we're talking about here. That's the way I roll y'all.


Mmmm... Beer!

Liz is sexy.

Tiff is anal retentive.


browser58 said...

Skee-ball, beer, good friends - what could be better.

Liz said...

We have to do that again! So much fun!!!!

Becky said...

I Want to hang out with you guys! All about having fun and making yourselves it!