Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Piano Man

TheBoy and I went on a hot date last night y’all. That’s right. 5 years together and we had a DATE! It rocked. He took me to see Phil Vassar whom I’m pretty much in love with. I’m usually not much of a concert type but… I’ve loved Phil Vassar’s songs since before he was recording his own stuff so when I heard he was coming to a local club I mentioned to TheBoy I might like to go and… He bought tickets! Love that boy!


The evening started off with a small hiccup… We got all dressed up in our jeans (would you expect anything less?), had a few cheap beers at home (again, this is us we’re talking about here) and drove ourselves down to the bar where the show was taking place. We even found parking right outside the door! We got inside, had our hands stamped, found our respective restrooms and met up at the bar where we both promptly came to the conclusion that this bar only takes cash. I looked at him. He looked at me. I offered up my paltry $15 and an American Express. He had a Visa. Neither of us had brought an ATM card. Are we city folk or what?

Back in the car we went, after a bit of negotiating on my part with the bouncer regarding their “strict no in and out policy”, to drive back home to get an ATM card. Once there we thought, why pay the (roughly) $12 in fees to the ATM at the club? So we made a detour to the bank to get cash, and then a run to the border because TheBoy was hungry. Apparently my ½ a turkey burger lunch leftovers weren’t a sufficient dinner for him! Finally, about an hour and a half after initially leaving for the bar, we finally were there, a shot of Jack Daniels in our bellies and a beer in hand.

Let the people watching commence.

Now y’all. Even if you do not particularly appreciate country music (!) you should consider spending an evening at your local honky-tonk sometime. The beer is cold and generally cheap, line dancing is FUN and the people watching? PRIME! And oh the stuff you will overhear! For example, this group of girls walked in at one point just as AC/DC’s Back in Black (yes they play a lot of classic rock at country bars… I think there’s a lot of cross over there) and they said “I didn’t come here to listen to Pantera!” Sheesh.

There were Daisy Duke shorty shorts, denim mini skirts and tube tops a plenty. And trust me, some of these girls had no business wearing some of this stuff! One girl had this awesome LED belt that she had programmed to read “Give me a kiss Phil” which I thought was awesome! TheBoy even thought she had changed it at one point which meant it had change on the fly technology (even cooler!) but last I saw it was still pleading for a kiss so I’m not sure. I even witnessed a pair of clear heeled shoes sort of fashioned like jellies. Y’all remember jellies? Circa the 4th grade?

I am a little hoarse today from singing all the songs at the top of my lungs, err… well, is it called singing when you’re actually yelling them at top volume? I even looked up and caught TheBoy “singing” along a few times! Not that he’d admit it if you asked I’m sure. He kept saying, “I didn’t know this was a Phil Vassar song!” We had our arms around each other’s waists singing love songs all night. It was definitely an “aaaaaaaawww!” moment. There was maybe even some hip movement that could almost be classified as (gasp) DANCING on TheBoy’s part! Shhh… Don’t tell him I told y’all that!

Best part of the night… Phil Vassar closed the show with Piano Man which is like my all time favorite song. Ever. And he just rocked it y’all. The whole crowd was singing along, waiving their beers, good times. All of a sudden TheBoy looks over at me and goes, “Holy hell I feel old.” I gave him the cocked head confused look and so he leaned down and whispered in my ear, “that girl,” with a nod to the scantily clad, and also very drunk barely 18 year olds standing to our right, “just asked her friend how come everyone seemed to know all the words to this song.”

Generation Gap?


Michele said...

What a fun evening!

Ran said...

This was a laugh out loud hear "TheBoy" talk about feeling old...what a hoot!

Hope you are well!