Friday, May 05, 2006

A week without blogging...

Hi! Remember me?

So I’ve gone from being the one who heckles my friends to blog, to being heckled by my friends… What can I say? The only post I finished this week was so negative and whiney that I couldn’t bring myself to leave it up. It’s just been that kind of week y’all. But… I do succumb to peer pressure! And! I don’t want to give the impression that it’s OKAY to ignore your blog … Especially if you have two! *ahem* Or, you know, only post on people’s birthdays. I’m just saying…*

I did begin to write a post about the girls’ weekend at Donner Lake and the Great Flood of 2006 but then I just got… stalled? I don’t know. I’ve actually been writing quite a bit at home but… I can’t really post about that stuff here. Yet. Besides, Michele does a fantastic job of detailing the Great Flood here. With pictures no less! And y’all KNOW how bad I am with the pictures.

Also, and I promise this will be the only bitching I’ll do in this entire post (pinky swear), remember this post? Yeah well it turns out that not only were those stupid blisters infected but the whole mess of mosquito bites got infected too! Yay me! So I’ve been on the antibiotics from hell for the past 10 days. Literally. Antibiotics. From. HELL. I thought I had food poisoning on Tuesday from some bad Taco Bell? Nah… My Dr seems to think that it’s much more likely my system was just finally rejecting the antibiotics. From hell. Oh and I went BACK to the Dr… yesterday? I can’t remember for another test and they called to tell me that I STILL have the infection. Yep. But I can’t take any more of the antibiotics because… From. Hell. So yeah. Wait and see. My favorite.

And of course it FINALLY stopped raining and the sun came out and it’s warm which I’m very happy about so I don’t want to complain too loudly lest I jinx it and it forgets that it’s MAY and not JANUARY and goes back to 50 degrees and raining but… I look like a freaking leper! I can’t wear any cute skirts or summery open toed shoes… *sigh*


Today is my favorite “ethnic” holiday** EVER! I mean I know I’m part Irish and stuff so technically I should like St. Patty’s Day best but… I swear y’all… I don’t know if it was living so close to the border for so long or if I was maybe a mysterious dark-eyed Mexican beauty in a former life or what but I love Cinco de Mayo! Well I guess it’s a more accurate statement if I say that I love ANY holiday that allows me to eat Mexican food and drink Mexican beer and anything involving tequila! So we’re having the RF’s over for some Fajitas and the margaritas will be flowing in such a way as to make Jimmy Buffet proud. BestFriend Liz even found a piñata! Geeks – table for 2?

Okay Michele, does that get me off the hook for the weekend? ;^D

*I kid because I love you two!

**Is it PC to call it that? I apologize in advance if I’ve offended anyone!


Michele said...

Yay! A REAL entry!

Yes, I suppose you are off the hook for the weekend. Not for the month though. so don't get any ideas!

Shawn said...

Hey there Crazy Lady I blogged about something besides a birthday. :P