Friday, May 12, 2006


Life is funny. BestFriend Liz gets to dream about sex and I? I get to dream about food. It might be a product of the yummy and awesome cooking class that Liz and Michele took me to last night for my birthday. Don’t you love it when your birthday presents still keep coming a month later? Anyway, I totally had a dream where I was discussing with this chef why he and I would be the perfect business partners to open a restaurant.

He’s Italian. I’m southern. We have the two major food groups covered as far as I’m concerned! But what about the French you might ask? Too much butter! Sure they have good wine... But so do the Italians! We southerners have the whiskey covered so we’re all set. Mmm… pasta and deep fried goodness. Y’all that was the best damn dream I’ve had in ages! Better even than… Sex? And I wonder why I have food issues.

The girls and I are going wine tasting tomorrow. The reason we gave ourselves was to check out the site where Michele is getting married. Not that we NEED an excuse to get together and drink wine! I’m totally looking forward to it. I might even take pictures. Cause y’all know how good I am at posting pictures!*

TheBoy is off to the lake this weekend to take our boat on it’s maiden voyage of the season. I am SO JEALOUS! I can’t wait to go wake-boarding and be out on the lake! Sunshine and clear water… *sigh* And you know something silly? This morning after he packed all of his crap in the car and got ready for work he came in, said goodbye and kissed me on the cheek and left just like he does every morning. Except I was sad when he was gone. Y’all the man will be gone for 3 EFFING DAYS! This is how it’s going to be if we end up living separately… I’m just being lame. Right? Stupid boys.**

*Yes Liz I promise to post the pictures of you and the twins… This weekend! I swear! Also, I might get to the ones from Cinco de Mayo! But I don’t want to jinx myself.

**Good thing he never reads this! ;^D

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Michele said...

Awww, you miss the boy already!

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