Thursday, May 25, 2006


Is it just me or have the common laws of what are acceptable conversational topics begun to be ignored by the vast majority of people? Or maybe I’m just overly sensitive? I find myself being more and more offended in the course of conversation these days either by what people have said to be, or by what I’ve heard of people saying to others.

For example:

I received an e-mail from a friend I used to work with whom I haven’t seen in several months. It followed the general how are you format… until the end when, after having told me about what’s new in her world, she wrote:

“How about you? Married yet???”*

WHY? Doesn’t she think that perhaps if I WERE newly engaged or married that I might have mentioned it among the things that are new in my life? I mean honestly people!

Also, TheBoy got told that he was “annoying” a couple weekends ago. And then “well you know you’re annoying right?” Ummm… Lack of filter anyone? Why would you say that to someone?

It brings to mind the time that two women I am friendly with (I hesitate to call them friends because we aren’t close) decided it was perfectly acceptable dinner conversation to tell me all the horrible first impressions they had of me. But its okay y’all, because they don’t feel that way now. You know.

I’m just curious; do you think that people just say these things with out thinking? Or have they been dying to get them off their chests and are hoping to feel better after having said it? Because I’ll tell you, wrong or not, it changes my perception of the speaker.

Also listed unacceptable behavior – congratulating, asking about or generally hinting to a woman about pregnancy unless you are 110% certain she’s actually in the family way. In fact if she’s not waddling, in a maternity dress, with her hand on her belly, wearing a shirt that says bun in the oven… I’d just skip it. Better safe than sorry.

~end rant~

*excessive use of question marks included.


kate said...

the pregnancy thing i totally agree with. people are clueless.

allbilly said...

I think alot of people are stupid. I also think often times people "over-communicate."

Laurie said...

As a child of the school of manners, I completely agree with you.

Also unacceptable? When your conversation counterpart suddenly decides s/he no longer enjoys your particular strain of dialogue and either a) just walks away WHILE YOU'RE MID-SENTENCE or b) completely ignores your last statement and begins talking about something else ENTIRELY. My boss and coworker do both of these things ALL THE TIME. I may go crazy.