Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Feet first?

My “hypothetical” boss at the job that I will neither confirm nor deny having is out of town. Granted he’s only been gone for 3 days and he’s back tomorrow but it’s been a particularly stressful 3 days and I find myself feeling extremely unmotivated for the rest of my life.

However, I stumbled upon this on one of my favorite blogs and it made my day. Now I just need to figure out where I can buy some!

It doesn’t help that after finally breaking the stupid weight loss plateau and losing an additional 7.5 pounds that I seem to find myself stranded firmly on another. Grrr… And I totally know why too! Remember the Big Sur backpacking trip? And the blood blisters someone got on her baby toes because she was lame and hiked in 10 year old hiking boots? Yeah. Well 4 weeks have gone by and I’ve still got them and they STILL hurt!

Last night I was discussing this with Best Friend Liz:

BFL: Um… Maybe you should pop them or something

Me: Ew… No!

BFL: No seriously. Go look it up on WebMD

Me: (yelling to TheBoy) Babe? Will you look up on WebMD and see whether I should pop the blood blisters?

TheBoy: Ew… No!

Me: (to BFL) See?

But we did look it up and they said definitely DO NOT pop a blood blister UNLESS it’s causing extreme pain (check) and appears inflamed and swollen (double check). Also, on a side note it said that they should heal themselves in a few days or sometimes up to a week. ONE WEEK! Grrr…

I won’t gross y’all out with the details but… Popping blood blisters is indeed disgusting. Especially if they are infected. Yep. Didn’t know things that are entirely internal could get infected but they can. Learn something new everyday. And no, I didn’t do it myself. First of all – ew! I had to chug down a beer, close my eyes and hug the cat to just work up the nerve to let TheBoy get near me! And second of all – what kind of girlfriend would I be if I robbed TheBoy of this fun! exciting! thing!

Good times last night at Chez Ghetto y’all!

Also? I might have mentioned before that I’m allergic to bug bites? I mean we’re ALL allergic right? I get it – that is why they itch. But I’m a little MORE allergic than the average bear. Seriously. I don’t get little red itchy bumps. I get massive red welts that burn and turn into blisters and then become black/purple scabby looking bruises. It’s very attractive. But usually not a problem. Because see… I’ve always been like this. So I carry bug spray when I know there is potential for mosquito bites. I take precautions.

But you know where I don’t expect to encounter a mosquito problem? My work place! (hypothetical of course) We have this standing water problem every year at this time. I had forgotten because, you know it’s been a year, and I swear this year is worse because we’ve had 12,741 days of rain! But yeah – I look like a freaking leaper! I counted 18 bites on my lower legs from Monday. Wonderful. Add that to the blood blisters and it’s no wonder I’m limping around the office!


Also, might be a leading contributor to my lack of motivation as far as the gym goes?


Liz said...

I am pretty sure I teased The Boy, thru you, that he didn't have an MD at the end of his name and to go look up the information.

Laurie said...

I'm the same way with bug bites. I'm taking a trip somewhere tropical in a week, and I'm terrified that some strange, indiginous bug is going to bite me, and my WHOLE BODY will swell up. It could happen.

And, trust me, if it could happen, it could DEFINITELY happen TO ME.