Thursday, April 27, 2006

Peanut Gallery

A Thursday Funny courtesy of TheBoy…

Our lovely Prez Dubya was in Silicon Valley last week meeting with the Governator and apparently some intern or another needed some work done by TheBoy’s company. So picture two stressed out presidential aides running into TheBoy’s already very busy store and asking for their jobs to be done right now this very minute. TheBoy’s sales person comes over to where he’s working and tells him that there is a new rush job.

TheBoy: “No way. Turn around is 48 hours.”

SalesPerson: “umm… it’s for the President”

TB: (silence)

SP: “so we can have it by 5:00?”

TB: “fine”

TB: (under his breath) “What if I don’t like the President?”

Apparently TheBoy was not as quiet as he thought because the intern who was still standing at the counter piped in with:

“That’s not going to matter sir. We still need it by 5:00”



Shawn said...

usually places that do things like that get plaques or don't have to agree with the current person holding the job but it's still cool doing things for the "President".


been in his house, on his plane and in the stop, Shangri-La. (that's a history test for you readers out there) ;)

Tiffany said...

Shawn - the CEO got a letter and then the CEO sent an e-mail to the entire branch... And don't worry Ry was properly mortified that the intern heard him. He's normally not one to vocalize his political views! I didn't even know he felt one way or another about Bush until he told me that story!

Shawn said...

Sometimes they get a more 'personal' touch to it but at least that much was done. HE is more aware than some presidents that where ever he goes, a lot of things go on in the back ground and it effects many people in not always positive ways. The added traffic delays, unexpected rush name it. I deal with quite a few military folks that work within that bubble surrounding him and even if they don't agree with his policies, they all agree he's a much kinder person then the previous occupant.

One way for Ry to look at this, in many other countries he would have been taken out and made to dissapear. In this country, that ability is something we hold dear and those of us that defend this country in what ever uniform are willing to die for that right.

Kind of morbid but too many people now days don't understand freedom isn't free. I know y'all :) aren't in that group but for some reason I climbed up on my soap box. You wanted me to blog, so instead I did it on yours.

Tiffany said...

Preach on friend...

And yeah I have missed the blogging!