Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Shawn!

Today is Shawn's Birthday... And if he's going to call me "Crazy Lady" well then... I'm going to act crazy! And announce his birthday to the blogosphere!

And also post pictures!


So here we have Shawn acting like a typical mature older brother...

And here we have him demonstrating his Jenga Master skills... Notice the sunburn? He actually WANTED that sunburn and WORKED darn hard I hear at getting it. Yeah. Crazy east coast folk.

And well... Okay that's it. Cause well y'all know. I don't REALLY want to be mean or anything... Just maybe a little embarrassing. :)

So... Happy Birthday Shawn!

And also?

August ain't that far away buddy.

I'm just saying is all...


Shawn said...

Thanks Tiff... :P

if the name fits...I'll keep using it!

Michele said...

Funny pics!