Monday, April 17, 2006

I can see clearly now...

I have the best friends. Generally the days surrounding my birthday include such things as darkened rooms, lots of introspection, random bouts of crying and binge drinking. And while I’ll admit I did try to submit to these things in the early days of the month, all in all I’ll have to say that this was the best birthday I’ve had in years.

And it’s all thanks to my wonderful wonderful friends! You guys rock!

For some reason I can’t upload photos right now but Liz has a bunch up on her site so those of you who want to see that the 80’s were in fact alive and well this weekend can go check them out here. I’ll try to post some of mine later tonight. We had such an awesome time.

Michele and I ran wedding related errands all day Saturday which ended up being a lot of fun! Even if I did give her a hard time about doing a bouquet toss… (I have slightly strong feelings about it… And I maybe am loud) It was still fun to hang out and I’m certainly glad she didn’t have to go alone! Although if one more person asked me when *my* wedding was going to be I was going to have to hurt someone.

Easter Sunday we ended up having an impromptu brunch at our friend Cate’s complete with adult themed egg hunt. Anything involving food is always fun! And mimosas are yummy… Apparently we hadn’t gotten off of our 80’s kick because we ended up watching Flight of the Navigator after eating. I love that movie!

All in all it was a good weekend. The sun is out today and the weather person promises it’s supposed to stay out for awhile! I feel like everything is soggy so I’m ready for a little sun! Sorry for all the haphazard posts lately. I do have several in the works based on some other topics floating around the blogosphere so stay tuned.


Michele said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday this year, and thanks again for coming with me on Saturday.

Liz said...

Glad I could make your birthday memorable ( in a good way ;) ), unlike the tequila incident 7 years ago.

Tiffany said...

Michele - my pleasure! It was actually nice to spend some time with you. Though maybe next time we have lunch we should do so at a table!

Liz - ah the infamous tequila incident... Yeah well if that birthday hadn't happened I wouldn't be able to give you a hard time about it!!

And thanks to you both for teasing your hair. I'm pretty sure that falls in to the "above and beyond" category of friendship!