Thursday, April 13, 2006

Birthday Weekend Recap

Can I legitimately call this a “Weekend Recap” if I’m writing it on a Thursday? I don’t know y’all. This week just somehow got away from me! I mean there was the matter of taking Monday off because… Well… I just don’t believe in getting out of bed on my birthday much less coming in to work. And then I ended up with a migraine which I successfully fended off Monday but ended up sidelined with all of Tuesday and most of Wednesday.

So yeah. Thursday. And my Birthday Weekend Recap.

Shockingly this ended up being a pretty fun birthday weekend. Despite all efforts on my part to stay home and hibernate I ended up out – and out late – every single night! Crazy! So here’s a brief weekend recap and some photos. Photos of this weekend! As in a few days ago! Look at me being all timely and stuff… Well except for the above explanation about the Weekend Recap being posted on a Thursday. Shut up.

Good Lord this post is already really long and I haven’t told y’all anything yet!

Friday night TheBoy and I had three main objectives… 1) Feed Mouse - Christine’s cat who is just too cute for words, 2) buy a bottle of tequila for TheBoy’s sister because it was her birthday on the 6th and 3) drink. I’m happy to report that we accomplished all 3! Go us! After objectives 1 & 2 were accomplished we headed over to have a Hot Pot dinner with Michele, Mary and Trevor which included mass quantities of sake and beer. (also laughter! a new job! cat vomit! good times!)

Afterwards Michele and I simultaneously bribed each other… I didn’t want to watch Jarhead alone with Ryan (total boy movie) but I had wine! She had some complicated invitations to put together and luckily for her I’m just anal retentive enough to loooove that sort of thing… It was a match made in heaven. And half naked Jake Gyllenhaal! Wahoo!

Saturday morning I got up way too early and spent the day shopping with my mom. So fun! A bonus of all this dieting and exercising is that I get to buy new clothes in smaller sizes! Wee! Fun! AND I got a totally rocking 80’s outfit for the party this weekend! Y’all know you’re jealous. Also, some super cute stuff for vacation… And silver shoes for the wedding… VERY productive day! Of course if it would ever STOP EFFING RAINING I could maybe wear some of the cute clothes I bought.

I’m just saying.

Saturday night TheBoy’s family threw an impromptu birthday party for me and TheBoy’s sister whose birthday was the 6th. I love his family. There was wine drinking. Tequila shots (courtesy of the present we brought). Pool. Dancing. Dice games. Drama. The drama, coincidentally, was not brought by the two 18 year olds present but was instead courtesy of one 40-something year old woman… Good Lord we apparently never grow out of it! And in the morning? TheBoy’s dad made breakfast! Love them! Also? There was much commenting on how wonderful I looked so… y’all know… these people clearly are my new favorites!

Sunday, after driving home and showering, we decided to head over to Carmel and listen to the bagpipes at Spanish Bay. TheBoy took me to do this on one of our first dates (oh so many many years ago…) and I just loved it. We were a little concerned about the rain. Because it has been raining for 12,438 days straight. Roughly. But it was only slightly misty! So we wandered around a few shops in Carmel where we can’t really afford to even walk in the door and drooled over the cars (him) and dogs (me). Before heading over to 17 mile drive to listen the bagpipes and drink Bloody Mary’s.

Afterwards the plan was to find a cute place to have dinner and then go to have bananas foster for desert. Maybe it was the veggies from the Bloody Marys? Or the spiced nuts they had sitting out by the fire pits while we were watching the bagpiper? Who knows but neither TheBoy nor I were very hungry… So we found this cute little Italian place in town and ordered a bottle of wine and some appetizers and that was about it.

So damn it I STILL haven’t had bananas fosters!!! Does anyone else see the injustice in this?!?!? Bananas are only like my FAVORITE desert thing ever!!! Well I suppose TheBoy’s dad DID make them for me once… But I have a feeling it’s not quite the same as in a restaurant, you know? *sigh* Maybe next year.

I apparently forgot to mention to people that I was taking my birthday off of work – though I do it every year – however in my friend’s and family’s defense the last two years my birthday has been on a weekend so I’ll let it slide… So you can imagine that Monday morning my phone started ringing at 7:45 am. Normally I’d be up and showered and made-up with at least one cup of coffee in my system and quite possibly food. As it was I was lying in bed trying to pretend it was NOT April 10th.

TheBoy’s best friend and his wife were in Capitola with their kid and family… Yeah the kid who screamed when I held him? Yeah well that was several months ago now. He’s 9 months old y’all! Time flies… Anywho. We made a pit stop at Margaritaville and would y’all believe it? The SUN CAME OUT! I swear. For like one whole afternoon there was sun. It was awesome. And did worlds of good for my birthday blues. So we ran over to the liquor store and grabbed some beers and went and sat on the beach. It was – quite possibly – the perfect birthday.

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Liz said...

No mention that your wonderfully lovely friends took you out to dinner the night of your birthday. It involved margaritas and a food fight. I can't believe we weren't mentioned SNIFF SOB.