Friday, April 21, 2006

Finally Friday!

Michele sent me this link for mini champagne in a can! to go with my mini boxed wines! Because she is an awesome friend and knows how happy these things make me! So cute!

“I carried a watermelon?!?!”* - Yeah yesterday was one of those days where I really wished I had a rewind button for my life just for the sole purpose of rewinding conversations so I could have them again. Not that I said anything too outlandish or crazy… Just I wish I could have the conversations over you know? I’d handle them differently. And while I’m sure the other people have long since forgotten the conversations in question I’m still obsessing. Welcome to my life. Crazy - party of 1.

I was going through my closet hunting for something to wear this morning because I haven’t done any ironing in like 3 months and the only things I have clean AND ironed are skirts (and if you’ll recall my last post you’ll know that I am leper girl and can not be seen in public in anything that shows my legs) and I came to the following conclusion. I’m a freaking soccer mom in training!!!

But I will say that I have branched out nicely from the all black I was wearing a few years ago so the situation is improving. “Pink is my signature color!”** But it’s been baby steps y’all. Perhaps my goal for my 27th year will be accessories? To wear something other than jeans every possible moment I am not at work? Or in pajamas? Maybe I’ll branch out on the skirt angle…

TheBoy and I are off to Lake Shasta this weekend in the fine, fine rainy weather to de-winterize our boat and dream of warmer sunny days when we can actually wake board! So Exciting! And actually the trip to the lake would be a lot of fun if we weren’t missing lots of fun stuff! So bummed… And really how often can you say that you were invited to not 1 but 3 birthday parties in one weekend?

*Name the movie quote? Anyone?

**I am full of the movie quotes today! 2 for 2?


Chris said...

See? Three invites? Go for the skirts! Don't be shy. Look, the key to looking good is feeling good about how you look. Go for it. The more leg the better.

Chris (My Blog)

Liz said...

Ok I can't believe you are quoting movies ;) What has the world come to- the second quote, Steel Magnolias- Julie Roberts- exclaiming her signature color for her wedding. As for the first one, I am embarrassed to say I don't know ;).