Tuesday, August 15, 2006


What is it about cops that makes people automatically assume they’ve done something wrong? I’m driving along on the freeway the other morning, in traffic, at about 50 MPH. The speed limit on this particular freeway is 65 – just for reference. When all of a sudden everyone on the freeway starts hitting the brakes and slowing down! To 35 MPH! On the FREEWAY!

The cause of this apparent need to slow down? A police cruiser driving along in the slow lane. Come on now people. If you aren’t even going the speed limit there is NO NEED to slow down further just because a cop is on the road. For crying out loud! There should be tickets for going too slow on the freeway.



I am not stealthy. I am also NOT graceful. Case in point:

Last week as I was walking to my car after getting off work, my mind on about a dozen other things, when I notice this guy pedal by me on a bicycle who looks vaguely familiar. He then proceeds to pedal very slowly and turn around and watch me. At this point I’ve figured out that I MUST know him from some where… But where?

As he gets off the bike and goes to lock it up a light bulb goes on over my head and I think, “maybe he’s someone BF Liz dated!” So I decide to stealthily (ha!) get out my cell phone and take a picture of him using my new fangled camera technology thingamajig. Only right as I’m holding up my cell phone trying to focus on his face*, the guy turns around and looks straight at me!

So what do I do? I quickly whip around, pulling the phone into my chest and take a step forward. Only that “step forward” part got a little tangled up and left me sitting, oh so gracefully, on my ass, IN A DRESS, in the middle of the road, in downtown Palo Alto.

Oh yes. Yes I did.

*Because THAT’S not obvious or anything.


My childhood friend Angie is now a married woman.

She looked beautiful.

I am still at a loss for words. I cried – but not as much as people thought I would. I cried at the rehearsal when I turned around and saw Angie and Dad standing behind me and realized that he was giving her away the next day. I cried during the ceremony when I saw the look in Erik’s eyes as he said his vows. I totally lost it during the father / daughter dance. I didn’t cry at all during my toast. Odd.

I’m working on getting the pictures uploaded and when I do I’ll post the link.

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Liz said...

Seriously the camera story is BY FAR your best!!!