Thursday, August 18, 2005

The "new" Niners take on Raider Nation

Last Saturday TheBoy and I went to the 49er / Raider pre-season exhibition game at the Park formerly known as Candlestick courtesy of free tickets via the Boss. Wahoo! Love you Boss! But boy, oh boy, were TheBoy and I unprepared for the spectacle that was awaiting us!

First of all we thought it would only be proper to pack up some sandwiches and beer and head up a few hours early to tailgate. And of course, we took the Bronco. Let me tell you, these people? So not kidding around with the tailgating! There were people with full on gas barbeque grills larger than the one my parents have in their back yard. And our sandwiches? So out-classed by the Chateaubriand and Lobster being grilled a few stalls over. We were right on with the beer though. There was plenty of beer drinking going on.

And the fans? With the flags? And the face paint? Oh my... Plus, as I mentioned above, there was plenty of alcohol consumption to be had and clearly some of these fans had a head start on TheBoy and I by hours. HOURS y'all. There was the rather large individual who (I assume) was attempting to dance on the roof of his Suburban. With a Raiders flag. That he was waiving vigorously to and fro in what I'm sure he thought was a very intimidating "Go Team" maneuver. However, it appeared to be more of an epileptic fit... Also, did I mention he was ON TOP of the Suburban? Right. Anyone else see the danger involved?

Beer + Heights + Scary Seizure-Like Jerking + Manic Flag Waving = Impending Trip to the Emergency Room.

I'm just saying is all.

Needless to say, TheBoy and I had loads of fun people watching and drinking beer and eating our sadly inadequate sandwiches... If only I had known! We decided it was probably time to head into the stadium when we realized that there had been no chanting of "Whiner Niners" or "Raiders - You know" (insert secret gang-like symbols being made here) in several minutes. The parking lot was damn near empty! I stole a quick trip over to the Porto-Potties, because previously the line had been insanely long, and managed to take care of business amongst the 100's of beer bottles lining every available space. Is that the thing to do? Leave the beer bottles in the Porto-Potty as opposed to tossing them in the recycling bin 5 feet away? Really someone should tell me these things!

So TheBoy and I made our way over to the stadium and really we were feeling pretty good. I suppose a combination of the compliments he had received on the truck and yours' truly (ThankYouVeryMuch) plus the prime people watching and general hilarity that was the tailgating, had made him realize that sporting events can be fun! Score one for the sporting events!

Oh but the fun didn't end there. You didn't think it had did you?

No sooner had we arrived at our seats than we realize that we are sitting in the middle of "Raider Nation". Seriously y'all, we were out numbered! Now those of you Niner fans know... This is not a good sign. But there were a few home team fans out there and there was general fun-filled and light-hearted bantering going on so we began to relax.

There were 2 couples in front of us. 3 of the people were full on decked out in the Raider regalia and 1 lone woman was representing the Niners. You could tell there had been tons of good natured ribbing going on amongst her friends but she was proud. She rocked. She had a red and gold jacket / hat combo. Now, a few minutes into the game we notice that she is trading insults with a particularly vehement (read: drunk) Raider fan a few rows up from her. But here's where something went seriously wrong y'all. He stood up and came over to her, said something indecipherable and then he hit her! Full on smacked her upside the head. Seriously y'all she fell over!

Oh the outrage! Her date (husband/boyfriend/what have you) jumps on the guy but (unfortunately) security is there in an instant. It's like they have sonar or something! Actually I suspect it has more to do with careful monitoring of Raiders fans, that's just me. But, just in case you missed it, this drunken Raider fan hauled off and HIT a WOMAN! A woman, I might add, who was half his size! Who hits a woman? Seriously! Not surprisingly there were TONS of people volunteering to give statements about what they saw. They took the guy away in hand-cuffs among taunts of "it takes a small penis to pick fights with a woman" etc... And the woman? She was totally fine. Brushed it off and went back to enjoying the game.

And the Niners? They WON y'all! It was a FANTASTIC game! Could it be that the years of the Niners as a major NFL powerhouse are returning? I'm pretty excited about this new team. A girl can dream.

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