Monday, August 01, 2005

Jen and Sean DeLapp's wedding

A big heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Ryan's cousin Sean and his lovely new bride Jen who tied the knot Sunday July 24th. The wedding was held at the Natural History Museum in Los Altos which is a fantastic setting - I had never been there before. The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome and the ceremony (performed by the bride's brother - how cool is that?!?!) was blissfully short and sweet given the rapidly rising temperatures. Ryan and Josh even got to help out with the wedding at the last minute by ushering some of the bride's family to their seats.

The reception was at Spago in Palo Alto. I had been to Spago a few other times and quite honestly wasn't too impressed however, they really do pull out all the stops for the wedding receptions. Very fun! Also, the people were wonderful and the toasts were hysterical and appropriately embarrassing to the lucky couple. The bride's mother and aunts even got up and sang a couple of songs for the bride and groom, which I thought was sweet.

All in all it was great. And you know me I love any excuse to dress up! Love weddings, love, love, love! So congrats again to the lucky couple. May you have a lifetime filled with the friendship and mutual respect you so clearly share.

(Because the ceremony was brief I didn't manage to get any pictures - I'm new to the whole digital camera thing y'all. But we did get some pictures of the family while we were waiting for the reception to begin.)

Josh and Kristi

Me and TheBoy

Me and TheBoy with his dad and stepmom (Doug and Kate)

Doug, Kate, Josh, Kristi and me and TheBoy

And now y'all all know why I love TheBoy and his entire family... Look how handsome the Mooney men are!!


Michele said...

I am going to a wedding there in a few weeks. I never even realized that los altos HAD a natural history museum until I was invited to this wedding!

Anonymous said...

congrats to the Bride & Groom. I wish them all the best. Chris and Mike must have been so proud that Sean found someone to share his life with.
regards, Sweeney