Monday, August 01, 2005

Ummm... Ooops!?!?

So. Um. Yeah.

I actually decided kind of last minute to run the half marathon instead of the whole... A mysterious knee injury and Dr's orders, combined with 4 days of food poisoning will do that to a girl.

And Liz can vouch for me that I totally tried to change my registration at the Expo on Saturday. But the woman said "all you have to do is cross the starting line at the half and they'll know that you only ran a half. Well I don't know who "they" are but damn "they've" made me look like a stud!!!

I'll post more on the marathon and the whole experience in greater detail soon. But TheBoy just got home from work (at 10:00 PM!!) so I'm done for tonight y'all. Just thought you'd enjoy the chuckle! Me! In 6th Place! Well actually if you read the fine print - I'm in 43rd place for my age group... But I digress! Me! A 7 minute mile! Ha! I like it!

So the question remains - when I do this race again next year and don't score even remotely close to that... Will people think I've slacked off? Become lazy? Hmm... Maybe this is something to shoot for?!?!

HaaaHaaaHaaaHaaaHaaa! Whoo... I crack myself up!

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Liz said...

I can attest that Tiff in fact search down someone to ask about changing the marathon to a half marathon.