Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Top 10

Tiff’s Top 10 Turn Ons and Turn Offs:

Turn Ons:
1) Integrity
2) A sense of humor (being able to laugh at yourself/the world)
3) Honesty
4) A great smile
5) Passion (about anything just please, have something!)
6) Water
7) Hugs
8) A “take control” attitude
9) Calloused hands
10) Long, slow kisses

Turn Offs:
1) Lying
2) People who are judgmental
3) Apathy (political or environmental mainly)
4) Being unwilling to try something new/different
5) Body odor / Bad breath
6) Over sharing (when you don’t know someone THAT well)
7) Weak hand shakes (for guys OR girls)
8) Parents who let their children run wild in adult situations
9) A sense of entitlement
10) Negativity

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