Thursday, July 28, 2005

Shabu Shabu (or Hot Pot!)

Do y'all notice how when I download pictures there are lots of posts all at once?? That's cause I love pictures! And I love sharing the pictures!

So thanks to Christine and Michael, who found this wonderful little place randomly in an out of the way shopping center, I am now fully in love with Shabu Shabu! It's mas yummy!

So we had a bit of a night out on the town a couple Fridays ago (notice the timeliness of the posting?) and started out with some Hot Pot for dinner. We arrived at the restaurant and then proceeded to eat huge amounts of food (can't get enough - yummy Hot Pot), drink large quantities of Sake and Beer (2 for 1 specials! On booze!) and generally annoy the staff by being loud and taking photos.

I love my friends!

Here's a couple pictures of Christine and Michael - aren't they so cute?

Christine and Michael being schmoopy.

Me and TheBoy - Gotta love that Boy! But me? Could I look any fatter? My arms?!? What are those? Be careful - wouldn't want to run into me in a dark alley! Gi-normous, fat octopus arms! Seriously y'all.

Mmm... Fried Banana! I love fried banana!
(Yes - we are a little bit crazy - why do you ask?)

And of course, we conned some unsuspecting wait-person in to taking our photo together. Good times y'all.

Ach! The arms! Geez... This should forever quiet the discussion about posting unflattering pictures.


Liz said...

It does not quiet it, nope nope. This strengthens my resolve to institute a picture review board.

mary said...

How DARE you mention a yummy place to eat and not provide an address?

Tiffany said...

So so very sorry. Please forgive the unintentional slight.

King's Wood
10935 N Wolfe Rd
Cupertino, CA

It's in that shopping center kind of where the Duke of Edinburgh (sp?) pub is. There is also an asian grocery there and some other things.