Friday, July 15, 2005

4th of July Trip (FINALLY!)

Yes, I realize that this post is almost 2 weeks late. But, better late than never? Or, good things come to those who wait? Whatever. We've had a house guest for the past couple weeks who is sleeping, shockingly enough, in the guest room/office/home gym so I haven't been able to download photos at home. But yesterday I brought my handy dandy cable in and downloaded them here at work. So I could complete this post. Because I am slightly AR and it's been bugging me. Yes it has.

As is to be expected, TheBoy and I headed up to Lake Shasta for the 4th of July holiday. We also dragged along DJSean who promptly made us feel about this big (holding up fingers mere millimeters apart) by saying "Wow, this boat looks great - I haven't seen it since you restored it." Because we've had that boat for over 2 years y'all. This is it's second summer in post-restoration glory. *ahem*

We actually managed to leave the Bay Area at a reasonably early afternoon hour and, surprisingly there was hardly any traffic so we pulled in to Bella Vista right about 10 pm. Plenty of time for several rounds of "beer pong" which is remarkably difficult given the quantities of beer you have to drink. Of course I was a little rusty on the ping pong skills so I kind of started at a disadvantage.

But I digress.

So we finally get out to the lake Saturday morning (a tad later than planned due to beer pong related hangovers) for three whole days of fun and sun and wake boarding. It was just what the Dr. ordered y'all. Hot summer weather and warm Shasta water combined with a little (lot) of beer and wine... Perfect!

Here's some pics:

Me wake boarding... Don't I look graceful? And poised? And slightly knock-kneed?

DJSean wake boarding... Yeah, he took to wake boarding like a fish to water y'all. Like he'd been doing it his whole life. In this picture he is accidentally doing a 180. Accidentally y'all.

On a side note, DJSean, also know known as Lawyer-to-be, attempted to bring legal briefs on to the house boat. Which looked a little too much like work. But never fear. I'm pretty sure he took them home mostly unread and splashed with beer and bean dip. Ha.

We managed to drag Dawn out to ski...

And I was going to try to post a small video of TheBoy attempting a back flip here. But it doesn't work. And of course I didn't download any other photos of him off of the camera. Because I am a bad girlfriend. *ahem* I promise to post more later. And y'all know. The back flip quest of summer 2005? It's firmly within reach. He's close to landing them man. It's pretty awesome.

But other than the wake boarding we did a lot of hanging out in the water. The girls even conned Jerry into making a booze run out to them in the dinghy so they didn't have to swim back to house boat and get, y'all know, exercise or anything.

Of course then TheBoy and DJSean had to test out the dinghy.

And did I mention it was Doug's birthday? It was. June 28th. Happy Birthday Doug! So, of course there was some birthday party embarrassment going on.

Who knew a man could look so attractive in a purple feather boa, embroidered turquoise bowler hat and rainbow colored starburst sunglasses?!?!?! Of course all the "gifts" were appropriately gag-y and over-the-hill themed.

And just so you guys don't think TheBoy's dad is overly-fond of drag, here's a picture of him doing what he does best at the lake. Chillin'.

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